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Book: THE AUDACIOUS HUMAN - A companion for any honest seeker of (any) God or Truth by Sajith Buvi

Book: THE AUDACIOUS HUMAN - A companion for any honest seeker of (any) God or Truth by Sajith Buvi

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Sajith Buvi

Author Sajith Buviabout this book: At any given moment millions of people all over the world practice some form of religion. Millions read or comprehend hundreds of sentences from religious texts on a daily basis. God, of various forms and identities, is worshiped across the world. At the same time, thousands of scientists and intellectuals all over the world work on rational ideas and publish hundreds of scientific articles every day. Despite such hard work and effort, why humanity continues to suffer and live a miserable existence! More than one third of humanity lives in extreme poverty. Not only economic woes but also psychological sufferings consume a large part of human life. Inner suffering has become the hallmark of human existence. Religious confrontations, ideological differences, cultural diversities, national identities and all other diversities of humans continue to keep humanity on the brink of intense conflict.

The idea of God is deeply rooted in the human mind across all civilizations and cultures. All religions talk about one God. All religions claim to save and protect the human soul. The rationalists are another group of people who seems to know better. They argue against religiosity and propose a life of intelligence and reason. Are they succeeding in helping humans live a better life? A honest study of nations that do not practice any religion would readily convince us about the failure of rationalism as the best alternative to religion.

Why humans, despite being the topmost intelligent creature on planet earth, continue to suffer? Why myriad religious teachings that are practiced across the world failed to help humanity live a life of peace and joy? The answer is simple. Humans are not courageous to accept the truth of wholeness. Every religion proclaims the oneness of God. Every scientific discovery proclaims the wholeness of life - nature never applies any law selectively. Despite both rationalism and religiosity subscribing to the wholeness of life, humans never showed the guts to accept and practice existential wholeness. Humans seek God with a divided heart. No God will grant liberation to such humans.

I have always perceived God or the ultimate existence as one. If there is a God that God must be for all. Wholeness is the only way humanity can ever explore and understand the truth of God. Divisiveness will never bring humanity to the truth of ultimate existence. If there is a God, that God must be true for both the religious and rationalists. That God must be true to all humans that come in various colors, cultures and identities. That God must be true to all life forms on earth and everywhere. In my perception I have never faced any confrontation between religion and rationalism.

Whenever I witness religious or ideological confrontations that ravage this planet earth, I have often asked myself why I do not have any such conflict in my mind. I wondered why I could easily walk into any Christian church, any Islamic mosque, any Hindu temple or any Buddhist place of worship and immerse in the divine ambience. I have never experienced a Krishna different from a Jesus Christ or a Buddha different from any other spiritual master. I asked myself why I never experienced any conflict between the truth of God or ultimate existence and rationalism, despite being a scientist with a PhD in Biochemistry. These questions deeply affected and convinced me to write a book on the truth of existence and how both rationalists and religious got it wrong.

This book is unique in its approach towards the truth of God. Unlike most books published on religion or God, this book explores the wholeness of truth beyond the contexts of religion and rationalism. Almost all books published so far on God one way or other was written in the context of either religion or rationalism, whereas the audacious human explores truth of God simply as truth. Most importantly, this book challenges the religious, the rationalists, the intellectuals and the scientists equally to face the truth of truth as truth.

This book systematically and methodically takes you to the reality of human existence and explores the fallacies of religious, rationalists and scientists. The truth cannot be explored from an ideological perspective. The truth must be explored for the sake of truth. The scientists, the intellectuals, the rationalists, the atheists and the religious approach truth from their own perspectives. As long as they see the truth through their own prisms of perspectives they will never experience the truth. A Jesus Christ, a Krishna or a Buddha never perceived the truth through any perspective. These great souls simply perceived the truth as truth.

When you finish reading the audacious human you will come out as a human being who has deeper understanding of the basis of human existence and the truth of God. You will dare to break the facade of contexts and face the truth as truth. You will find yourself closer to the truth of existence or God than you were ever before.

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