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Book: The Creature from Egyptian Pyramid - The Revolution - The Spirit of Tahrir Square by Ritchie Felix

Book Review: The Creature from Egyptian Pyramid - The Revolution - The Spirit of Tahrir Square by Ritchie Felix

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Ritchie Felix

Author Ritchie Felixabout this book: The spirit was not born in that square on that historic day, the Egyptians took their lives into their hands to challenge the uninspiring leadership of the Mubarak Junta; rather it was merely demonstrated. Likewise, the stars in us can be unleashed upon the society the day we make haste to challenge the status quo. It does not matter what we think about ourselves or about our future, so long we refuse to back up our thought with corresponding action, we continue to bath in acid of molestations of life limiting factors. It was not the square that championed the change in Egypt, it was the spirit that each individual had working him or her that actually shook the World of Mubarak and that of the entire World at large.

You can continue in penury, insignificance, poor job and in bad economic condition until you wake up in your sub consciousness to take responsibility of your life. Whatever the Mubaraks of this World do to you is because you consented to it, and you can change it anytime you are caught up by the Tahrir square spirit. The ultra rich cannot push all of us and at the same time show to us where to fall. It is a development crime if we allow the Conspiracy Mill of the ultra rich and corrupt leaders keep grinding our hopes into disadvantages, especially when we have army of ideas to beat them at this game.

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