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Book: Whispers by Gemma Mawdsley

Book: Whispers by Gemma Mawdsley

categories: Book, Paranormal, Supernatural, Sprite Children, Haunted Houses, Scary Mystery, Eerie Places, Ghost Hunting, Horror, Ghost Children, Ghosts

Gemma Mawdsley

Author Gemma Mawdsleyabout this book: My novel Whispers is based on the abuse suffered by children in the care of the church. The story is told through the eyes of the seven-year-old spirit children and a man who tried to put right the wrongs committed in the name of God.

I had the idea for the books many years ago and well before the abuse was made known to the public. There were always rumours about what was happening and what had happened and I wanted others to see what had gone on through the children's eyes.

I decided on the title because of the rumours, whispers if you will.

And I mirror the book cover with the Gothic church-type window and a hazy hand raised in supplication to mirror how the children must have felt, forgotten and helpless.

During my research I visited some of these dreadful industrial schools and walked for a moment in the footsteps of these children. It was heartbreaking to imagine the little victims and the bullies who tortured them and tortured is not an overstatement as that is what it was. Worse still was to witness the markers on the graves which named the child lying beneath it, but with no further information other than to say "died as a boy" No date of birth or death, nothing to mark their time on the earth and then buried without anyone bothering to record this.

This was the most difficult part of writing Whispers. Dealing with the emotions it stirred up and the anger felt at those of destroyed those young lives. On the other hand, it was nice to speak to those who take care of the graves and who have become guardians of a sort for the boys. They speak of each child buried there as though they know them and it was obvious from the numerous toys left in the graveyard that many more remember. It is lovely too when I hear from young adults who have read Whispers and it does my heart good to hear them say how much the subject, that was up till now just something they heard on TV, had touched them. Of course there are others who would prefer if I had never written the book and they have lost no time in making their feeling known as well. Whispers, like all my books, tries to bring home the fact that your sins will find you out in the end.

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