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Book: Totally Scared by Martha Jette & Dawn Colclasure

Book: Totally Scared by Martha Jette & Dawn Colclasure

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Martha Jette

Author Martha Jetteabout this book: Totally Scared: The Complete Book On Haunted Houses delves into the topic from the perspective of those who live in them and those who help folks coping with unseen (and sometimes seen!) entities from beyond the veil. This book also informs readers about the many reasons for ghostly visits and more intense hauntings, as well as how they can help themselves if they encounter such situations.

They will also learn about the most famous and some not-so-famous haunted houses, and even where to find them, how the film industry has warped opinions about spirits and much more. This is also a great take-along book for those who travel and wish to explore haunted sites on their own.

I was inspired to write this book due to not only my own paranormal experiences and ghost sightings but also because others seemed to be drawn to me with their stories. My co-writer, Dawn Colclasure has had experiences with ghosts as well and shares some of them with the reader. It is hoped that by sharing all of these experiences, it will foster a better understanding of what happens after we die and instill the hope in life after death.

Readers of this book are primarily people who have either had a personal paranormal experience or hold an avid interest in these types of topics.

The title of this book was suggested by a friend of Dawn's and we both agreed it was a good one. I chose the cover because it reflects the topic of the book. Thanks to my wonderful publisher, the original photo was altered to give it a more mysterious look.

The only part of the creation of this book that was difficult was the editing due to its length, despite the fact that I am a professional editor. Thankfully, I had Dawn to help me in this respect. Other than that, we loved hearing about everyone's experiences and gathering the advice of experts. Writing it was easy because it is a topic so close to the heart of both of us.

While writing this book, I uncovered much information on just how much help is out there for people who struggle daily with spirits in their homes. I learned that some spirits can be downright nasty and are even able to cause physical harm. Since I only had positive interactions with spirits, the dark side of hauntings was new to me. I also learned about steps I could personally take to rid a home of unwanted entities and I have since used that knowledge to help others.

It should be understood that ghosts or spirits as I prefer to call them are simply people who lived and have died. They carry with them the traits, likes, dislikes and personality that they had while here. That said one can better understand that the majority of spirits mean no harm. They might just be dropping in to say hello or to let loved ones know that they are fine. These spirits might also have issues that they need help with before they can move on and there are ways that you can help.

Only a very small percentage of spirits are physically harmful but there are techniques for getting rid of them so there is no reason to be afraid. Nonetheless, those who continue to deal with them without help are sure to suffer emotionally and mentally as well.

Totally Scared: The Complete Book On Haunted Houses is a large book but readers say they were captivated and could not put it down. At the end of the book readers will find a compendium of haunted houses worldwide, as well as an list of ghosthunting groups in the United States, Canada and elsewhere.

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