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Book: Lusting For Lei by A.J Wright

categories: Book, LBGT, Erotica, Urban Fiction, Romance, Lust, Korea, Sex, Books, Young Adult, Gay Fiction


A.J Wright

Author A.J Wrightabout this book: The books takes place in Europe where a young man, named Louis is a prince and soon to be king and he is engaged to a Duke's daughter, named Penelope. Louis's parents are dead and he feels stress and pressure to be king because he promised his father before he died he would be king for him. In the midst, of the trouble he faces with learning to be a king and a warrior in battle he learns he has new slaves that will be servicing the castle and him. A young man named Lei, with a wife and child are to be his slaves. Lei, along with his wife and son are from Korea and fled the country because of a violent war that was happening. They were caught stealing from the castle and sentence to be slaves to Louis. Louis heart goes out to them due to the fact they were homeless and starving on the streets for weeks. He treats them with kindness, as he offers them food, shelter and a safe environment. Louis goes on a trip to Ireland and Lei is appointed to go with him as his personal servant. During the trip however, Lei and Louis get really close as Lei tells him stories about his life back in Korea. Louis begins to feel attach to Lei. He notices he has an attraction to Lei also and is confused by his feelings because he thinks it is odd to think of another man in that sort of manner, so he tries to put them aside, but is unable too after spending more time with Lei and he then discovers he has sexual feelings for him. Lei suspected this, but does not want to be intimate with him because he loves his wife and doesn't want to hurt his son that way. On a rainy night aboard the ship Louis cannot keep his desire concealed within any longer and after sharing an emotional moment with Louis, Lei begins to have sexual feelings for Louis. While in Ireland, they have a passionate love affair and Louis falls in love with Lei. Lei however, does not feel the same way and is in pain because of the guilt he feels, from cheating on his wife and betraying his son. Before they arrive back to the castle, Lei realizes he is in love with Louis and because now that they both are in love with each other they can never be with each other again. When they both return home they remain apart for a while, but they were unable to keep away from each other because there love is so strong. Louis starts to dislike Penelope as she is very materialistic and selfish. Louis wants Lei to be with him, but Lei cannot leave his family for him and soon gets depressed from the guilt as suspicions rumors circulate around the castle. How can such a forbidden love survive?

I was inspired to write the book because I wanted to write about two men who really love each other. I wanted to write a very, unique gay story. Something that is unheard of. In my writing, I always strive to be different and unique. I thought writing about a Korean, homosexual male would be interesting and I do find some Korean men beautiful. As I was writing the story it just began to unfold. The story was suppose to be much shorter. I always lengthen a story because I always come up with more creative ideas, after I finish what is suppose to be the final draft. The story will appeal to readers around the ages of 18-30, mostly woman and gay men. It wasn't hard writing my book at all. It was easy. I just feel hurt sometimes because I know a lot of people are not lucky to find true love. I hope this books aspires gay men of all ages and ethnicities to not to be afraid to be who you are. My heart hurts so much from seeing the cruelty bestowed on them. I think everyone should have the right to love who they want to love. Love is a beautiful thing and it is the strongest force in the universe. So I just hope to share my views and opinions with the world. My readers are like family to me.

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