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Book: The Creature From Egyptian Pyramid by Ritchie Felix

Book: The Creature From Egyptian Pyramid by Ritchie Felix

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Ritchie Felix

Author Ritchie Felixabout this book: Modern day civilization kicked off at the same period as modern day slavery. The creature formed by mental Wizardry of Joseph stood out like a colossus amidst the worst economic crunch of the then world. It was a man made mountain higher than any other natural mountain around that corner of the globe. The artistic dominated the mental picture of whoever saw it because then, it was the first and only surviving wonders of the world.

The pyramid gave Pharaoh the strategic positioning to rule the default Civilization, and also gave the land economic power over every other Nation under the heavens. It was a creature of purpose that attracted the ends of the earth to Egypt, and the most potent tool ever invented by mortal to take another into captivity. It worked for Joseph and pharaoh same way it is working for the modern day Josephs and Pharaohs of our land.

Today, the pyramid of Joseph is built in the minds of unsuspecting many while dominating their psyche with working very hard for money. Consciously and cleverly, the students are not exposed to financial education all through their studies both in high school and college degree studies. The language of money is completely erased from the curriculum so that the students will live for pay checks all through their lifetime. It does not matter the name of the school or its location in the world-the system is just same in principles everywhere in the world. There is no school around that give the student access to financial education same way formal professional education is provided. This benefit scheme cuts across religious and cultures of any people on earth. It is what accounts for the vast chasm separating the poor and the rich apart. It is what determines who is advanced in technology and who is not. It is what is responsible for the under-development of several Nations of the world, because these poor Nations supply the workforce that fuels the engine of development of the developed Nations of the world. It is this scheme that kept several parts of the world berthing in incessant political turmoil and economic instability.

Ignorance is better defined as the mountain standing before many gifted souls that trapped them to a standstill in life. Ignorance is never an act of God, but an import of the wise Joseph and ambitious Pharaohs of the land to keep men in perpetual slavery no matter where they reside on the face of earth.

At times it is packaged and sent abroad via the market places of the world. Other times, it is transferred just same way as technological transfer happens. The scheme of Joseph to keep Pharaoh richer and the entire people in the land poorer is the worst weapon of mass destruction ever invented by man under the high heavens. It is a silent killer always around us today. That is why the rich do not go to war or battlefield, instead the poor man fight for him to protect his empire. And on the event of death the poor man family gets a ransom. Warning:

Check who is behind the ransom and make no mistakes to ascertain which institution, movement, empire or person you are actually fighting for. This is not a clear attempt to discourage anyone but it is worth knowing the real thing you are fighting for so that on the event of death –you die fulfilled.

Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, Alexander the Great, and the host of others had more than enough supply of the earth riches, so they mobilized men to fight for them in the disguised of fighting for their country and posterity. These men abandoned their families and conscience to gamble their lives away just for one man. It was unholy quest that saw many to their early grave. Men fought with their last pint of blood not for their land as purported by the words of these tyrants but, for the same purpose of securing the empire for one man. Some died by sword, others were consumed by the edges of thick forest, some were swallowed by pythons in heavy forest zones, and millions die by Natural disasters like the ice, cold and sea mishaps.

There children were recruited into the army or field in their places, and wives turned into unholy mistresses to satisfy the sexual urge of those who could readily afford the fees, of course, most Josephs and Pharaohs gets the lion portion of this unholy affairs.

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