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Book: Finance for Freedom - Master Your Finances in 30 Days by Joe Withrow

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Joe Withrow

Author Joe Withrowabout this book: Tired of the same old "personal finance for dummies" advice? Want to learn the secrets of money and finance that the insiders don't want you to know? Ready to take control of your finances, maximize capital, and achieve financial freedom?

Finance for Freedom: Master Your Finances in 30 Days is your answer!

This short ebook is written in course format and it is designed to convey the principles that enabled the author to eliminate debt, build an asset portfolio, quit his job, and build independent income streams within a timespan of five years.

The single most important factor in getting your financial house in order is a true understanding of money. Think about it: what is money? Money is half of every transaction yet the established educational system spends exactly zero time discussing the characteristics of money thus very few people truly understand the subject. This course will discuss exactly what money is, the characteristics money must contain, the history of money, and the future of money.

From a solid fundamental understanding of money, Finance for Freedom will cover: how to master your finances in 30 days, how to strategically cut debt, how to analyze financial statements, how to maximize capital, how to construct a custom-tailored asset allocation model, how to execute the Beta Investment Strategy, and how to assess prominent macroeconomic trends.

I wrote this course specifically because I could not find all of this information aggregated in one place anywhere else. Through either omission or inaccuracy, the educational system is setting people up to fail when it comes to finance, economics, and entrepreneurship. Finance for Freedom can fill that void and open your mind to a new way of thinking about the subjects.


Here is what others are saying about Finance for Freedom:

• Carol G.: Comprehensive & Great Learning on Financial Freedom
"Finance for Freedom is very comprehensive with great knowledge to use to gain financial health. I understood the concepts and the instruction was easy to follow as well as implement. I enjoyed Joe Withrow's research and presentation style. I am having my husband take course also so we can act on the ways to improve our family financial future. This course was engaging and interesting as well as practical."

• Rachel H.: Powerful!
"What a powerful course! I came in knowing very little about finance and now I feel like I am almost an expert! This course is structured in a logical manner that builds upon each topic. It begins with the fundamentals and works its way up to advanced strategies. I would highly recommend!"

• Grant W.: A great comprehensive guide to get you in control of your finances!
"This course does a really nice job of explaining the ins and outs of money and the economy in a simple way that never got overwhelming – a tricky thing to accomplish when talking about finances! You'll leave the course feeling like you have a much better understanding of your money, where it goes, and what to do with it. And best of all, Joe gives great actionable tips that will get you on your way to achieving financial freedom–the dream!"

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