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Book: To Speak Beyond The Pain by Farah Anwar

Book: To Speak Beyond The Pain by Farah Anwar

categories: Book, Solutions, Speak to 'you', So Called World, Pain, Hurt, New Dimension, Feelings Behind Feelings


Farah Anwar

about this book: Let me feel the world
Let me see these waves
Let me find the darkness
Let me fly in sea
Let me change the dimension you see

This world, these people, traditions, double standards, diplomatic relationships, fake hatred and love; all of these attributes of this century has compelled me to write what an ordinary man feels. We cry, in fact every one weeps either openly or in corner of room. And yes everybody laughs too. Then why these distances? Why we have gone so far from ourselves? Do we want to speak true of our-self? We try to suppress something that is paining inside. We are running against what we wish to be, just in lust of this world. This inner calamity may take our life. This is the time we need to be truthful to our-self. Whatever this world would call you, you have to be rule breaker. You have to accept when it pains, its the worst feeling any one has.What success really means to you? is it wealth or dreams? Think once!

I have seen falling leaves
Fasten waves and shaken trees
Loneliness of midnight
The willingness of moonlight
Eagerness to hit the sky
Shattering volcano hill beneath
See, these water waves unifying
To reach the moon; they are behind
Clouds! These are raining again
Prove to earth; when love pain
Flying ants, gets killed with light
But keep struggling; with meaningless life
They say mother is a symbol of the trust and love!
Dove throws her eggs, reason; single human touch
One good hand changes the world, can you believe?
Help snake by one hand; feel bite against relieve
Don't you think it's all about nature?
Keeping patience for right time;
It would be waiting for life time
Destination changes with new directions,
But life would stop; at one termination
When trust leads you to qualms,
Faith would not matter at all!
Neither the pigsty; you gone with,
If you win life; you are a winner
And you lost it; you are the looser

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