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Book: The LightBridge Legacy - Destiny's Call by Elayne G. James

Book: The LightBridge Legacy - Destiny's Call by Elayne G. James

categories: Book, Young Adult, Adventure, Paranormal, Magical Quest, Middle Grade Book, Fantasy


Elayne G. James

Author Elayne G. Jamesabout this book: Ani Jasper's life is getting so strange lately, that I thought I'd ask her tell you about it in her own words. Here's what she had to say...


You know how you can't tell you're dreaming because everything feels real? Well that's how it feels to be me. I never know if what I'm experiencing is real or not. But I think I'm slowly figuring out that it's ALL REAL, and that's the scariest thing I can think of, because if it's all real, then I am in some deep, dark shades of trouble with all kinds of bad mixed in.

I'm Ani Jasper. I'm twelve. I'm an amateur geologist and a magical apprentice. I'm in the 6th grade and I live in New York City, but I still consider the Mojave Desert in California my real home. I'm technically an only child because I lost my twin brother the day we were born, but if you want to know a secret, the truth is, I didn't really lose him because we're still together. Two souls. One body. Weird, I know, but kinda cool at the same time. According to Xephero, this bizarre guy who teaches me stuff in my dreams, it's called Zielfah, which means "double soul," and because of it I'm next in line to inherit some fierce magical mojo I didn't ask for. Oh and get this... since I'm the heir apparent, I have some equally fierce enemies that want me permanently deleted in the worst way. Mom and Dad don't know. Nobody knows. They wouldn't believe me anyway.

So I live my life as if everything is normal...whatever that is. Mom's an anthropologist and Dad owns a rock and gem shop. He taught me everything I know about all sorts of stones, except for their magical properties—he doesn't believe in that. But then there's my godfather Kaheté, he's a Navajo shaman with some really unique skills. He's the one who first taught me about magic way before I even met Sophie, my um, I guess you could call her my magical mentor. She knows about my "future memories"—these strange visions I have where I go into the future and remember things that haven't happened yet. That's how I knew my mom was in trouble. No one believed me until she didn't come back from her expedition in the Amazon jungle, and now I may be the only one who can save her.

It means doing things I never thought I'd do, wrong things, dangerous things. But you would too if it meant saving the person you love more than anyone in the world. I guess you never really know what you're capable of until you're forced to do the things that scare you the most.

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