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Book: Creatures Of Darkness And Light by M.C. Sburlea

Book Reviews: Creatures Of Darkness And Light by M.C. Sburlea

categories: Book, Epic Fantasy, Adventure, Battle, Gods, Power, Ice, Fire, Dragons, Underworld, Magic, Immortal, Fantasy

M.C. Sburlea

Author M.C. Sburleaabout this book: In a time long lost they said: "Fear the prophecy, for a mystery being, one not given birth to, but made out of the blood of titans, will bring darkness in all four worlds."

The worlds are split between humans and titans. The Underworld, the Realm of Water, and the Upper World are inhabited by the titans who are disappointed by human action, while Earth is the home of people who had been slaves of titans for thousands of years. Right after humans acquire their freedom, all four worlds are invaded by creatures which are an evolutionary mystery and who are willing to destroy all other living beings, seven old kings and queens are plotting to regain their crowns, creatures with mixed blood appear, family loyalty tears or strengthens bonds, and existing civilizations so distinct from one another have to come to a consensus.

The book is about very different beings from very different worlds having to either come together, solve their issues, be tolerant to one another, and push back the threats they have knocking at their door or to keep disagreeing and be completely crushed by their enemies. The ideas came to me while thinking of all the cultures I managed to visit and thinking about their similarities, differences, agreements and disagreements.

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 glad I read it

These were my reactions to some of the chapters:

• Words of love and betrayal - What is going on here?
• To kill a gorgon - Chills up and down my spine.
• The dance of shadows - Creepy
• We must stand together! - Yes, finally! I am rooting for you.
• The sacrifice - Tears
• Drahakkars - Where did they come from? Slay them all!
• In Roman times - I sure hope this is going to have a sequel.

The novel blew my mind. In my opinion, Elena, one of the main characters is one of the most complex individuals portrayed in a book. Rim, one of the antagonists, I actually ended up relating to him because of his care for his family. The author managed to present a very interesting and unique fantasy universe that I did not encounter in any of the books I read. The characters are multidimensional and surprising. Halfway through the book I felt conflicted about more than one of who I had previously categorized as good or evil; their actions made me reconsider who and what they truly are. The end was way different than what I had expected and I say this as a compliment. It was heartbreaking and full of hope at the same time so it put a smile on my face. I surely hope there is a sequel to this, maybe even a prequel as I would like to read more about the past kings and queens of the titans. Please write it, if not a prequel, then at least a sequel, though I noticed some hints at a sequel.

Read it! When you get to the chapter titled "To kill a gorgon" you will understand what I mean. [by Andrew]

 I did not expect that

I got this book 2 days ago and I couldn't put it down. I barely got some sleep last night, because I was reading.

The first 2 parts of the book mostly made me get to know the world of the story, but once the third part starts, plots unfold, and they really unfold. The last three parts of the book are very fast paced, there isn't just one main character, there are more of them who could be considered leads, but it does not have as many characters as "A Song of Ice and Fire", so it is easier to remember them. The worlds are ethnically diverse,so there is something for everybody. The action spreads all over the Earth and three other worlds and while Earth respects some of the natural laws it does in real life, the other three do not, I mean, come on!, there are caves and tunnels where they forge weapons and these are in the clouds (that is very cool). I thought it was going to be a book more about magic, but it is actually more about relationships between creatures belonging to different species and I even got to care for some of the enemies because even they have redeeming qualities and some have very good reasons for why they chose this path. I could not argue against Akira for choosing to do what she did, nor can I look at Rim as purely evil when he shows such devotion to his children. It seems to me that most characters are not clearly good or evil, because they all face horrible events and are pushed by those to the extreme. It is their decisions that distinguish them. And the defects and passions of the characters make them seem real.

I recommend this book, it has something for everybody. It is culturally diverse, multiethnic, there is a bit of romance, there is a lot of magic, a lot of subterfuge, devotion, betrayal, there are wars, there is some compromise, and most important: you will not be able to predict what is going to happen, the third, the forth and the fifth parts made me realize I could not have guessed any of it. Plus, it has a good message for us: if we put our differences aside, we can do quite a lot of good. [by Charles]

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