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Book: The Wizards of Asturia by Olga Corner

Book: The Wizards of Asturia by Olga Corner

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Olga Corner

Author Olga Cornerabout this book: With most fantasy tales the theme usually involves it that light wins of over the dark. However, in this book about magicians, sorcerers and wizards of another dimension called Asturia, the story is threaded in such a way that light and dark become one force, as a result of a unique adventure that holds a curious twist at the end of the tale. The thirteen main wizards of Asturia train the magicians of this dimension between Earth and Venus to merge the two aforementioned forces as one so that they can become a sorcerer and then finally a wizard - this is the order of their magic hierarchy.

As a result of an unexpected disruption in Asturia, when one of the main wizards,Pitanga, becomes a dark force to contend with as a result of a change in his salamander/dinosaur/dolphin DNA, Markus the main magician requests it that Siam from planet Earth fights the battle on his behalf. In this way Markus would be able to trick Pitanga since he would not sense Siam's whereabouts in his castle where he keeps Atlan, a powerful goddess from the golden lake area, captive. Markus requests it that Siam frees her. Markus wants her to be free, not only to assist her, but especially because she is connected to the dragon philosopher's stone at the golden lake in the area of the sacred mountain. Pitanga had known about the dragon philosopher's stone and so he had set out to capture her and the stone.

Siam had once discovered Asturia by accident and was met with many fauns, pixies, elves, fairies, salamanders, butterfly and dragonfly wizards and elephant magicians. He eventually met with the thirteen wizards so that he could be trained for the battle that was about to take place in the castle. Just before Siam entered the castle upon instructions from the thirteen wizards, he met with the great Sun lion, Rau, who is the master of all of the wizards.

During Siam's battle, Tammy who is Siam's greatest friend was adopted by her Uncle Neptune to live with her at the gypsy circus. During her stay, she was trained to become a gypsy magician by a secret magic school as well as her dead aunt who guides her from a higher dimension.

Eventually Tammy assists Siam in the battle and they both attain the heights of being a magician, sorcerer and wizard, accordingly. The battle involves the shadow-man Pitanga, black dragons, shadow-intruders and a very complex game in the castle of the sacred mountain.

At the end of the battle, Tammy and Siam learn something you would never suspect. Such a surprise will help you, dear reader, to take note as to what sacred animal creates awakening magic behind the illusion of good and bad in your life. With your subsequent earned insights and therefore a dissolve of the illusions, you yourself will have the opportunity to become a magician.

What inspired me to write the book was to find a way of unique insight as to how the dark can eventually serve us so that we can understand the concept - 'all is love and the rest is illusion' - and we thereby take light and dark to a higher frequency of one force as magicians and no longer victims.

This book is for readers of most ages from age sixteen upwards.It is especially written for both teenagers and adults, yet in many ways it is an adult book so that there can be great learning around what children go through when we are not fully conscious of their feelings. As parents we learn to feel a lot more than we already do any form of isolation, fear, anxiety and so forth a child may suffer. We learn to not be authoritarian (authoritarian but without love) with a child where instead we invite a far more authoritative stance where we guide in a way that is firm and with a higher love and not a martyred punishing love.

For those of us who have had challenging childhoods we learn, as a result of the story, how to create benefits out of our challenges, how to transform conditions and to especially develop insight into another person so that we unearth our inherent freedom and how we are magicians in our own right.

All fantasy tales are a bridge between the magical child of the unconscious and the inner child of the subconscious. They hold our space on a collective level. They also heal the illusion of separation between the inner child of the subconscious and magical child of the unconscious.

The battles of light and shadow in all fantasy tales reflect our inner battle between the unconscious and subconscious. The animals and characters of fantasy tales sustain our energy fields, while we struggle with the stuck energies of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious – this story assists to free the trigger areas of the subconscious and especially that we experience, once again, the magic and freedom we had as children.

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