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Book: Beltane - Ten Tales of Witchcraft by Rayne Hall, Jonathan Broughton, Debra Dunbar, ...

Book: Beltane - Ten Tales of Witchcraft by Rayne Hall, Jonathan Broughton, Debra Dunbar, ...

categories: Book, Short Stories, Witch, Witchcraft, Magic, Magick, Short Story Collection, Short Story Anthology, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy


Rayne Hall

Rayne Hallabout this book: What is a witch? In fairy tales and common perceptions, the witch is a creature of evil, a ruthless practitioner of black magic who lures innocents to their doom. For those who have grown up with such stories, the concept of the evil witch is deeply ingrained.

On the other hand, there are witches who heal and give hope to those in despair, and the practitioners of the Wiccan faith who adhere by the rule "Harm None."

Another image is that of the witch as victim, persecuted for her religion or her skill, or hunted as a result of religious fanaticism, mass hysteria, malice or fear. Between 1480 and 1750, tens of thousands of witches were burnt, hanged and drowned, often after confessions obtained through torture. How many of those truly practised witchcraft will never be known, but to our modern thinking, most were innocents deprived of justice and mercy.

If you meet a witch, will you know if they're the kind or the evil sort? If you hear about someone practising witchcraft, how do you judge if their magic is real? If rumours spread through your neighbourhood or mass hysteria sweeps through your community, will you be able to keep a clear head? If the only way to solve your problem is by resorting to witchcraft, will you desist or give it a try?

In this book, all the witches are real. They practice different kinds of witchcraft: Traditional, Stregheria, Santeria, Wicca and more. Some are good, some are evil, and others are in between, so beware of jumping to early conclusions.

Ten authors share their visions of witches and witchcraft, each in a different writing style: Debra Dunbar, Debbie Christiana, Lawrence Barker, Mertianna Georgia, Rayne Hall, Liv Rancourt, Pamela Turner, Jonathan Broughton, Carole Ann Moleti, Karen Heard.

See which stories resonate with you. Enjoy the tales - but be warned: these witches may not be what they seem.

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