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Book: Beneath the Silver Rose (Shadyia Ascendant Book 1) by T.S. Adrian

Book: Beneath the Silver Rose (Shadyia Ascendant Book 1) by T.S. Adrian

categories: Book, LGBT, Order, Chaos, Magician, Medieval, Fantasy


T.S. Adrian

about this book: Shadyia Ascendant is a Romance Book series in a fantasy setting.

Shadyia, a courtesan at the Silver Rose, a fine place run by a Madam that has the well being of her girls at heart, is caught in the middle of an eons old fight between old races representing Order and Chaos. She pulls her strength to fight for her sisters and the future of mankind from her love story with her sister Deresi and her deep, unexplainable attachment to a magician called Aaron.

Her life as she has known it falls apart when the Innocenti, a puritan order created by a megalomaniac old magician to destroy the Old Gods, give her an obscure mission that will set the story in motion.

Old races, magics, pride, love, lust and strength drive the protagonists of this epic story.

Best reviews:

• "Adrian did a wonderful job. Character building is so good we hurt when the heroes hurt and rejoice with them when they defeat their foes. The story is entertaining, interesting, cheeky without excess, full of fantastic ideas and a throughly thought through historical and current plot. I recommend this book warmly and will start right away reading its sequel."

• "Let me start by saying I am picky. If I read one more novel with perfect characters with invincible powers, I will puke. I want real characters that suffer, strive, and bleed. I want heroes that cower, fail and overcome. I want villains who think they are the hero and (sometimes) you agree with them.

T.S. Adrian delivers! Shadyia is daring, but fragile. Deresi is sweet and sexy, but naïve (she believes the heroes always win. Sometimes they don't.) Aaron is often too clever for his own good. And Demos Azari is a bastard SOB, but would you do anything different in his position? Probably not.

The heroes in this story descend into a dungeon full of traps and magical riddles. They jump over pits of spikes, navigate a boat through tunnels filled with poisoned water, and battle creatures of shadow. Any Tomb of Horrors fans out there? You'll feel right at home!

A fantastic page-turner. I can't praise it enough!"

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