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Book: The Eternity Road by Lana Melyan

Book: The Eternity Road by Lana Melyan

categories: Book, Young Adult Fiction, Vampire Hunters, Magic, Supernatural, Immortality, Vampires, Fights, Different Countries, Werewolves, Different Times, Fantasy


Lana Melyan

Author Lana Melyanabout this book: Once, when I came home from work and, tired, crashed on the couch in front of TV, I caught my daughters (13 and 17 years old then) watching some TV show with horrible monsters. I couldn't convince them to switch the channel, so I watched it with them. Later I loved that show as much as they did. That TV show was "Buffy the vampire slayer." I always was interested in supernatural stories, but this was something new, something different, what made me want to create my story in that genre.

My novel is about Hunters who fight supernatural evil. There are a lot of books about vampires who turn humans into their kind. In my book the Hunters can turn humans into immortal Hunters.

I didn't restrict myself with deadlines and it took one and a half year to write my novel. Flashbacks to 17th and 19th century are a big part of the book, so a lot of time I spent on research.

The tone of my book is mysterious. From the first chapter it raises questions, and they will multiply. The sense of questioning is also enhanced by the switching of scenes and times. All of this combines to make the story urgent. I hope that the readers wonder --- who the characters are, what brings them together, what are they fighting against, what are their secrets --- will keep them reading until the last page. That's when they will feel satisfied, because that's when their all questions will be answered.

My novel is a YA fantasy with supernatural elements. Right now that kind of literature is very popular and not only among teenagers. So I am counting on large age range.

I also want to quote my editor.

"You seem to have it slightly geared for girls, but I think both sexes would enjoy it. There are plenty of interesting male characters and action for the guys."

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