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Book: Aquila - From The Darkness by T. L. Searle

Book Review: Aquila - From The Darkness by T. L. Searle

categories: Book, Angels, Love, Family, Aquila, Fantasy Romance

T. L. Searle

Author T. L. Searleabout this book: This book was inspired by fanciful dreams of flight and feathers; of the feeling experienced she second you jump from a swing at its arc of reach the peak of a trampoline bounce. Before I started typing, the story was building itself in my head. The characters were developing and gaining voices, sometimes interrupting my thoughts as their conversations took over my consciousness. I started thinking: What if... What if the stories about Angels, the myths about winged beings, the objects of artwork and sculpture for generations... were actually a separate species. What if they were living on Earth? Separately to humans but real, all the same. What if they were in fact mortal... just another result of evolution? What if they originated from birds? So the basis of my lead character's story began.

Aqua Vickers is seventeen. She lives in England, with her adoptive mother on an farm in the countryside, and she's not human. Her mother has always believed Aqua's an Angel, delivered to replace her still-born son; but Aqua's not so sure. When Aqua finally reveals her wings to the only friend she's allowed into her life, Aaron, he does not handle it well. The hurt Aqua feels leads her to seek out answers about her past. We follow her journey as she meets another being like her, and follows him back to his city in the mountains, Celthia. Aqua discovers the Angeli number in the thousands, and all reside inside the cold gray rock of mountain ranges across the Earth.

In Celthia Aqua discovers her life has been rooted on a bed of fiction and lies, laid down by the biological father she has never met. A catastrophic event leads Aqua to take refuge within the mountain's walls. Aqua's human mother is captured by an enemy of the Angeli; the Dragone. The story follows her development and integration within the city; as she works towards rescuing her mother, experiences a new love and attempts to unravel the reason for her own existence.

This book is a fantasy romance. The characters all have very different personalities and different backstories. As the author, what I really want is for my readers to be able to relate to my characters, form attachments that make them want to find out what happens to them, and experience the emotions portrayed in my writing. I want the to enjoy the experience of reading.

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 Must read, perfect chill-out escape book

This book is amazing and I can't wait to read other publications from the same author. The story is fast-paced and exciting with some unexpected twists especially at the end! The characters are believable and evoke an emotional response from the reader which really carries you along with their fate. The style of the book is easy to read and understand without being boring (which is a rare combination to find!). In summary an absolute must read and when you have please post a review to try and get this book the readership it deserves!

The best bit is that there is a sequel 'Aquila - Into The Light' so the intrigue and adventure isn't over yet ... ! [by kmifsud2013]

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