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Book: The Sacrifice by Shirley G. Martin

categories: Book, Beautiful Woman, Dedicated Enforcer, Romance, Fairy World, Demons, Sacrifice, Magic, Spunky Heroine, Sacred Circle, Evil Sorceress, Jealousy, Fantasy Romance

Shirley G. Martin

Author Shirley G. Martinabout this book: How would you like to be the most beautiful woman in a village, if your beauty meant your death? On the holy day of Samhain, in Briana's village of Lachlan, the most beautiful woman is sacrificed--knifed to death--to placate the gods. For on the night of Samhain, the veil between the real world and the Otherworld disappears, and demsons stalk the land. Briana's foster mother is psychic, and she knows in advance that the druids have chosen to sacrifice Briana. You must flee, she tells Briana, and escape this horrible death.

Although reluctant to leave her village and all she holds dear, Briana departs at night to journey far away. When the druids hear of her disappearance, they send their most trusted enforcer, Weylyn, to find her and brng her back. But what the druids don't know is that Weylyn has loved Briana for years. Now, he must choose between love and duty. For now, he chooses duty and goes after her.

Weylyn finds Briana and tells her she must return to her village. Broken-hearted at his betrayal, she realizes she has no choice. But as they journey back to the village, they are caught in a thick fog and can't go forward or back. Just as the demons menace them, they seek refuge in a sacred pile of stones.

The earth under them gives way and they fall, landing in a fairy world, where everyone is happy nothing evil happens. There, they discover their love for each other.

Eventually, they realize they must return to their own world. And Briana realizes she will be sacrificed, after all. If only there is some escape...

In doing research about the ancient Celts, I learned that one of their holy days is Samhain, when indeed the veil between the real world and the Otherworld disappears, and demons are let loose. And when does this holy day occur? Why, Octobe 31st, of course.

"The Sacrifice" is a fantasy romance that should appeal to women of all ages, and men, too.

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