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Book: Edric the Hatchling Gryphon - 1 by Eric K. Williams

Book: Edric the Hatchling Gryphon - 1 by Eric K. Williams

categories: Book, Children's Book, Dragons, Myth, Gryphon, Magic, Soldiers, Trolls, Cyclops, Horses, Gold, Fantasy Adventure


Eric K. Williams

Author Eric K. Williamsabout this book: Here is how our story begins:

What is a Gryphon you ask? Well the answer could be very complicated indeed. There are many ancient stories surrounding the beasts called Gryphon. Some would even deem them as monsters. Most folks however just consider them as myth.

Nonetheless, here is what you really need to know about these wonderful creatures before we begin our tale:

Gryphons are described as beasts that have the head, feathers, wings and front talons of an eagle or other bird of prey. They have the torso, hinder parts and back legs of a lion. They are generally described as being about the size of a large wolf. They hatch their young from special Agate Stones that are laid by the female Gryphon.

Gryphons are very fierce fighters, so it would not do at all to make an enemy of one. They are very brave and extremely strong. It is said that they can carry away a horse to their nest to feed their young. It is said that they hate horses because of the evil Cyclops' who used horses to attack Gryphon nests and tried to steal their gold. Gryphons are enemies with the Cyclops' and Amazons.

Gryphons love their gold. They have the ability to find buried treasures. They take the gold they find and line their nests with it. They will defend their young and their gold to the death.

Gryphons are described in character as being very brave, loyal, protective, just and intelligent. They make great protectors….. especially of golden treasure.

Most importantly however, Gryphons are NOT tame creatures and should NEVER be kept as pets!

This is the story of how a woodman named Aerek and his friend Beecie discover the Agate Stone egg of a very special creature. The egg hatches into a baby gryphon whom they name Edric, and the adventure begins!

This is a story for kids of all ages. A wonderful romp through a mythical land as Edric learns new lessons every day. Come join the adventure!

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