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Book: Time of Spellcasters by Kerry Dillon

Book: Time of Spellcasters by Kerry Dillon

categories: Book, Science Fiction, Sorcerers, Magic, Wizards, Alien, Wariors, Fantasy Adventure


Kerry Dillon

Author Kerry Dillonabout this book: Time of Spellcaster came from a seed planted in my mind in my youth when I read up on theories about the lost continent of Atlantis, and its possible relationship to some of the Egyptian deities and the Greek gods of Olympus. There were tales of a great high king and his lordship over a host a minor kings, and of how they had ventured from the Atlantic through the Pillars of Hercules to begin trade with Egypt and the more civilized tribes of the Mediterranean, which of course included Greece.

After this brief contact prior to the disaster which sunk the continent, the stories expostulated that these tales of these exotic and fabulous kings morphed into Olympus and the gods.

This was the first book that I put serious work into, but it wasn't finished until 2011. In my imagination I saw the High King as a great Wizard who ruled benignly over his known world, and as the continent shook and sunk beneath the waters, I focused on the escape of one of his scions through a doorway into another world.

Here he awakes without memory on a rugged and alien mountainside, where he is concussed and bewildered after falling so heavily. He is reassured by the view of the lush valleys below him, even though he has enough inherent awareness to know that he is somehow far from home.

After making his way down into the more hospitable lower lands, Djorn confronts and befriends a weird sentient creature who is a member of a race that once dominated these lands. Although their time together is brief, she enlightens him with an understanding of this strange world and its other inhabitants, whom he learns are humanoid like him. The creature is telepathic, and she quickly discovers that he also has such latent talent and other abilities which he needs to rediscover.

After she sends him safely on his way down onto the great plains, he eventually takes a wrong turn and is captured, and finally thrust into the midst of the war that has enveloped most of continent. Here the independent kingdoms fight against the encroaching armies of the Great World Empire and the chilling Drefos-mu sorcerers, whom move on the command of the dark warlock and the evil living god Gunvir-te. As Djorn recovers his memory and his purpose in life, he slowly realizes that it is him that must attempt to confront and halt the spread of this pending Dark Age.

I used the doorway between the two worlds, to provide the explanation for the powers and magic of the Atlantis Sorcerers who knew their lands as Olvus, and it is here on the continent of Tamara that the font of magic lies. This of course gave me license to expand the story in another unexpected direction.

The title and the book cover were chosen simply to portray the content of the book.

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