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Book: Journal of an Eyewitness by Ken Klopper

Book Reviews: Journal of an Eyewitness by Ken Klopper

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Ken Klopper

Author Ken Klopperabout this book: A boy born into a rich and influential family in Biblical times is plaqued by a physical disability. As a result he becomes reclusive and mainly expresses himself in his daily journal, and makes contact with his friend and mentor, a former African slave. The relationship with his family and especially his sister is also a burden that he must bear.

Then he discovers the birth of a special child in Bethlehem. Does this discovery have any significance in his life? Is what he discovers too late to be of any assistance?

A story of faith and healing.

The story was a personal message to the author and improved his relationship with God that had become impersonal and stale.

The book includes at times very subtle messages that can be of benefit to anyone in any situation and hopefully provide some comfort. Ultimately it's about choice and a reminder of the difference that the right choice can make in your life.

'It is not the end but only the beginning, Master Josh. God sent Jesus to strengthen and establish His ministry here on earth and to guide the people in the right direction. This he has accomplished and his time here on earth ends with a display by God of the great lengths He is willing to go to in order to save His people, by sacrificing the earthly life of His Son. Now it is up to every individual to decide what to do with this knowledge and to make an informed choice. I said before that God does not apply absolute rule, Master Josh, but intervenes when He decides it is necessary. Sending Jesus was an example of such a major intervention. Rejoice in the fact that God has chosen you, Master Josh, to be an important part of this process.'


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The cover can be misunderstood if not interpreted correctly. One of the main characters obstacles is that when he could see he still remained blind spiritually, but when he was blind a new world was revealed to him. He says: "I had eyes but could not see. You do not need eyes to seek the truth and to know the true meaning of life on earth. You do not need two arms to embrace and love others. It took a man called Jesus, the Son of God, to teach me this."

The cover was designed by Jason Enslin, a talented graphic designer and artist who interpreted the message in the book in the painting he created.

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What I like about this book is that Ken makes it clear: God created us to exist within certain boundaries and allows us freedom to live and exist within those boundaries - BUT unlike a clockwork, He interferes at times. Once this happens, our purpose and destiny are dramatically affected and placed on a new course. We are not left to our own devices - although God lets us be, He does not let us be alone! [by Daniel]

 Jesus from another view

I like reading books about the bible. What this book offered me was to really follow Jesus from a distance, but also felt like being with Jesus all the time. Ken seems to be a new auther, but I like his style. I am looking forward to some new books from his pen. [by Pierre de Villiers]

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