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Book: A Brilliance Hurtled . . . . . evolutionary origins by Appleton Schneider

Book: A Brilliance Hurtled . . . . . evolutionary origins by Appleton Schneider

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Appleton Schneider

about this book: "Mainstream evolutionary science" assumes that the whole process from one-cell origin of life unto homo sapiens took place on an infrastructural system of random genetic mutation. The minority of such genetics resulted in "improved" phenotype (actual "critter-aspects" thus "selected" as an ongoing species. Such fitness would include physical and mental abilities and high reproductive rates. Mainstream evolutionary science considers any "design" (rather than de facto random) factor operative through the eons of life as ridiculous, or worse.

On the other extreme there is what calls itself "Creation Science", the extremist sect of which insists that in Genesis only is the actuality of how the earth and all that dwell therein came to be. God did the "kinds" (species) each separately and suddenly in six days. Earth at most 10,000 years old. All geologic features due to Noah's flood.

"Intelligent Design" preponderantly assumes a Designer (God) who at least created existence, if not continues to "run the program" of beings' being.

In this book is my perspective that 1) Evolution is the only field for which pervasive "randomicity" is the assumption. Quantum physics and cosmology and chemistry are based on ordered systems of componenent particles or chemicals etc. 2)That the mind of man has evolved the potential to at least get the idea of, and for some even totally comprehend and even interact with even subatomics-unto genetics . . . cannot be just a de facto result of chance variations. 3) But the undeniable "intelligent design" evident my the mind of man loses that status when one insists that there has to be a "guy-in-the-sky" intelligent designer involved.

"The NeoDarwinian Synthesis" is what mainstream evolutionary theory is called.

"The Schneidrian Synthesis" is what I call my perspective -- which is addend to, not dismissal of, the mainstream.

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