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Book: Morgana's Handmaid by Purple Hazel

Book: Morgana's Handmaid by Purple Hazel

categories: Book, King Arthur, Romance Fantasy, Camelot, Castle, Ogres, Dungeon Master, Romantic Action Adventure, Lancelot and Guinevere, Knights, Morgana, Erotica


Purple Hazel

Purple Hazel is... King and Caroline Medlinabout this book: Morgana's Handmaid is our third full length novel and one that combined two erotic short stories "Cave of the Ogres" and its prequel "Garden of the Gnomes". King wrote these two steamy tales to Caroline while we were dating; and they never progressed beyond kinky Emails and handwritten love notes until King devised an overall plot that turned them into a bizarre, mandrake-induced dream had by the main character in this medieval Arthurian tale of young lust, true love, and ultimate redemption.

A curvy, vivacious young peasant girl is given the opportunity to escape her drab life of abject poverty and suffering only to be spirited away to Castle Camelot to serve the half-sister to King Arthur, Morgana Le Fey, as her personal Handmaid. In the process she has her hopes dashed of ever finding love among the many squires and handsome knights who frequent the mythical kingdom. But when she finally engages in a discrete sexual affair with the Captain of the Guard her fortunes temporarily improve.

It's not long before rumors spread however, and the heroine of the story becomes embroiled in scandal and eventually accusations of witchcraft leading to her sentencing to torment and no doubt a grisly death inside the castle dungeon. Down there lives a creature known to all the citizens of Camelot as "Vile", a beast purportedly capable of removing the very soul of a man.

Now it becomes a struggle between life and death as the lovely Handmaid seeks to charm, seduce, placate, or devise some other clever method of preventing the awful creature from performing those same unspeakable torments and torture upon her own lovely body. Succeed and she might ultimately escape his evil clutches. Fail and she might never again see the light of day.

Morgana's Handmaid allowed us to take specific excerpts from Sir Thomas Malory's 1485 classic Morte D'Arthur and turn them into the backdrop for our novel about this devious peasant girl who, though she is lacking in the way of sexual morality, she abundantly makes up for it with a good heart and soul. To make the book more enjoyable and readable, we even emulated our idol Samuel Clemens and his classic novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by writing Morgana's Handmaid as a first person narrative. The main character tells you the entire story of her amazing life in her own words start to finish, and when writing dialogue King even researched Shakespearean expressions and phrasing to make the English you read sound more authentic.

Purple Hazel is…King and Caroline from Denver Colorado, a husband and wife writing team that has produced three full length novels and has a fourth one on the way coming in June 2016. We mostly write Adventure Romance and Women's Erotica; or Science Fiction with some form of romantic angle. Some of it is racy, we have to admit. We can't help it really. We just fell in love and it all came naturally, writing about liberated sexuality, true love, and lifetime devotion. Please check out our other books Star Kitten and Morgana's Handmaid now available on Amazon!

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