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Book: Forbidden Lust, Secret Love by Dick B Long

Book: Forbidden Lust, Secret Love by Dick B Long

categories: Book, Teacher Student, Sensual, Taboo, Forbidden, Passionate Obsession, Sizzling Sex, Beautiful, Handsome, Hot, Arousing, Large Cock, Oral, Multiple Orgsams, Erotic Romance


Dick B Long

about this book: I wrote Forbidden Lust, Secret Love because I like to write and read erotica. I have noticed that most erotica is written for men and involves the degrading of women to some extent. A common theme is forcing them to do things they do not want to do, to submit to the will of the man. I decided to write a new series—Erotica for Women—with loving stories that do not degrade women. I hope women will like the approach, and e-mail me to tell me what they think.

I also like to write series because I think readers enjoy feeling like they know the main characters and enjoy following their progress through life. The orchid is the logo for all of Dick B.Long's books because it is the flower that best represents sexuality and love. The cover of this series is a different orchid than the one used for the many episodes of Sexual Misadventures of a Young Man because this story is a more tender, softly sensual romance than the usual hard-edged erotic tone of Dick's books.

The first episode is based on an incident that happened when I was a senior in high school. The model for my lead character, Wade Chandler, was one of the smartest guys I knew in school, so mature for his age. He was a big, good-looking guy, a football star, and most of the girls considered him a real catch. But, on a date, he wanted to talk about the latest book he had read, not his last game or who was dating whom—seemingly odd behavior for a jock. Girls laughed about how nice and gentlemanly he was, and wondered why he wasn't more sexually aggressive. Although he smiled a lot, he was unhappy in high school and felt lonely. That is, until a friendship developed between him and his calculus teacher, represented in the story by Clare Thomas. Although a gorgeous woman, she has lived a solitary life since her husband died just six months after their marriage. It was said that she never got over him and didn't want anyone else. However, in her student, she found someone who filled the void left by her husband's death. He found a person he could talk to who was intelligent, witty, and as well read as he—far different from the frivolous, giggly girls whose company bored him. Their age difference was not an issue because their minds were so closely attuned. They spent hours talking about mutual interests, usually over dinner. Then one evening while watching Gone with the Wind at her house, they finally gave in to their sexual desires. Unfortunately, when sex entered their relationship, the age gap did become a major concern. Even though he was of age, the damage to her reputation, her life, would be irreparable if their intimacy were exposed. They both knew what they had couldn't last forever, but they wanted it for as long as it was good—and they knew they would have to do whatever it took to conceal the true nature of their friendship.

In the story, Wade Chandler is a high school senior, football star, better looking than most, smarter than most, and as sex-driven as all boys that age. Two weeks away from graduation, he's looking forward to summer vacation and going to college in the fall. He's also a polite, considerate young man with a genuine appreciation for his teachers. He gets an unexpected opportunity to do a favor for Clare Thomas, his calculus teacher, and that leads to a very special experience for both of them.

Mrs. Thomas is gorgeous, sexy, fun, and as interested in Wade as he is in her—but he is only eighteen and she is forty-seven—twenty-nine years older. They are drawn to each other in every way, but realize that any romantic contact is forbidden. Their determination to be just good friends weakens more each time they are together. Finally, consumed by the passion simmering within them, all barriers fall away. She is impressed by the sexual expertise of her student and he is astounded at the depths of her wanton sexuality—long denied and repressed. One intense evening of sexual release convinces them they have a connection that cannot be denied, but must be carefully concealed.

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