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Book: True DESIRE by Teri

Book Reviews: True DESIRE by Teri

categories: Book, Love Story, Adult Content, Explicit Reading, Addictive Reading, Erotic Romance, Boddice Ripper, Evocative, Voracious, Arousing, Erotica, Erotic Magic, Erotic Fiction



about this book: The lady meets her Adonis, the storyline Leads you from their first chance meeting, through to their life as a married couple, this incorporates the many experiences that they shared including many sexual acts explained explicitly and in great detail.

My inspiration came from reading many books and I am an avid reader, I decided that reading so many Titles by so many Authors that I would attempt a project of my own.

I feel the primary readers for my book would be the female population, especially those that like a good addictive erotic fiction.

From cover to cover and with adjustments that I made with reading it back to myself, it took around eight months to collate this 874 page, 28 chapter masterpiece.

The title did not come until I had written around 450 pages of the book and again on reading it back to myself over and over, This title made sense as the main characters "True Desire" had been achieved.

I decided to let the publishers art department design the cover, my brain cells were pre occupied in collating my book, and I feel they have exceeded my expectations in the cover design, I am extremely happy with what they achieved.

I found that the hardest part in writing this book was how and when to cut off and leave an entrance for book two, This is probably the reason that I ended up writing 874 pages, I guess I got a little bit descriptive and carried away.

As previously stated I have read numerous titles by numerous authors, I feel that most of my research had been done sub consciously without realising it, It was all the inspiration I needed to begin and execute this project with my maximum ability.

I learned many things from putting pen to paper, and they have enhanced my whole outlook on life, there are thought processes and much more that come into play when attempting a project such as this.


To my readers:

I am an avid reader so decided I would attempt a project of my own and become an Author.

I was so proud of myself to have completed and to have my book published by Trafford Publishing, All of my children were so supportive of this achievement that they purchased copies of my publication and had me sign them for posterity.

True Desire is an Erotic fiction, Love story, Romance, It contains many twists and turns throughout the entire storyline.

Happy and sad moments that will make you both laugh and cry, The general feedback that I have had from those that have read the book is that its very addictive, they just want to continue reading until they have no choice but to bookmark it and set it aside.

If you decide to purchase a copy of my book, (Which I hope you will), I will look forward to reading your comments and hopefully recommendations to others, I eagerly await the publics perception of my first project.

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 mans bible or should be

once i started reading I couldn't put it down brilliant book kept me hooked and hubby was happy with the results too lol always a winner men should read this and use it like a bible or an instruction manual cant wait for book 2 hurry up with it teri

 10 out of 10 I say

This book was recommended by a friend so I thought I'd have a quick read. Hours later I was still engrossed in the book. It's naughty but nice! very well written and totally worth reading, and even my husband has a smile on his face LOL. Bring on the sequel. [by Jacki cole]

 Boddice Ripper

Boy I have read some books in my time, The wife left her copy on the dining table last night as we retired for the night. I had to rise early and prepare for a long days work, I opened it and started reading, I looked at the clock, I was 85 pages in and 30 minutes had passed, I had to make a move time was now tight, I got that engrossed I even thought about sneaking it into my briefcase, It's definitely one for the ladies, But being honest as a man I even enjoyed this book.

It exceeded the expectations after the reviews I had read on the internet. Go Teri, I eagerly await book 2, Well I hope there's a book 2 you left it wide open

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