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Book: Anguished Immortals - Book One - Acts of the Fallen by J.C. S.

Book: Anguished Immortals - Book One - Acts of the Fallen by J.C. S.

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J.C. S.

Author J.C. S.about this book: I did what most women do when first writing a book. I destroyed what the industry of writing calls romance. Only mine was seemingly soft porn more so than the rest out there.

Uncomfortable with my decision, and realizing it wasn't my style, I then began researching angel names.

My three main objectives were this.

• Make it epic
• Make it original
• Push the envelop…off the table.

Everyone goes with those steps, more than likely. But I had been attempting to write for about ten years. Being fifteen at my first try, the best I got out was complaints of not getting the shoes I wanted, or how I thought I was fat. And what could a teen possibly write about besides that.

I tried several times to formulate a chapter, but failed up until March of this year. I had an ah ha moment.

I repurposed the Archangel of Death, making him still heaven's assassin, but after fallen deities who weren't meant to exist. After discovering his current assignment may not be culprit, he fights against his better judgment and soon discovers the true existence of Olympus.

Since the publish date, my audience varies in age group, but is mostly male. It wasn't a goal of mine, it's just good to know that people enjoy my work.

It took about seven months, and I still haven't edited book two and three, thoroughly at least. Book One took the longest to edit, especially since I had it on a writing site before publishing. It did quite well, and although I had a few errors here and there….the story line was refreshing to those who read it-they were in fear it would be yet another romance/angel/supernatural novel.

That was a sigh of relief, as I wanted to make sure it stayed away from a redundant line of novels.

The title was hard, to be honest. First it was Immortals in Anguish. I was as well with how it sounded when I said it out loud. Then It was Anguished Immortal, solely focusing on Azrael, the Archangel of Death. When I pulled in Enyo, the goddess of war, and his wayward infatuation for her…Zerachiel, and some of the deities from Olympus, I realized there was more than just one.

So…Anguished Immortals it was.

Book One is subtitled Acts of the Fallen due to Azrael's discovery of Olympus, and Zerachiel's plans with the realm as well.

Then when it was time to publish I was so sure they'd get the cover right. I explained it in great detail, knowing I was being talked over and ignored…

The digital copy's cover for the book is fine, but I'm really drawn to the physical copy, as I was able to design it myself. Simple, to the point, and dark. It's a dark series.

The hardest part of writing the novel had to have been stretching out the relationship between Azrael and Enyo. I didn't want them all over each other every single chapter. I also didn't want anything to be predictable. But I fought with myself, and finally decided that they didn't need to fornicate…as that has nothing to do with Olympus.

I did do some research, more to freshen myself up on Greek Mythology, but I was astounded at what I found. There's so many different gods and goddesses, and Enyo stuck out the most to me. One…no one is really familiar with her name. Two…a common name may make my book a repetitive mash up. And I wanted to make sure Zeus' strained relationships with his wives and lovers was as I remembered.

The thing that I gathered from all of this was how much more flexible I was being myself. I was able to stretch this novel beyond one…to three. And at first I went into writing it as if I'd be struck down for such a thing, but it was really my fear of stepping outside of my own box.

I would like to say that I enjoyed writing this book, and I can't wait for you to read it. I think about all three of my novels and it excites me that I've created another myth for people to lose themselves in. I never finished anything….but three books is quite the accomplishment.

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