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Book: Born of Water - Elemental Magic & Epic Fantasy Adventure (The Rise of the Fifth Order Book 1) by Autumn May Birt

Book: Born of Water - Elemental Magic & Epic Fantasy Adventure (The Rise of the Fifth Order Book 1) by Autumn May Birt

categories: Book, Elemental Magic, Adventure, Magic Power, Quest, Epic Fantasy


Autumn May Birt

Author Autumn May Birtabout this book: I've enjoyed reading epic fantasy since my early high school days. So it was no big surprise my first indie published series was epic fantasy. What did surprise me though was that it was on elemental magic and not spellcasting, and that it stayed away from all the epic fantasy tropes that I devoured as a teenager: no elves, ogres, castles, only a few swords, fewer dragons, and absolutely no knights.

It felt like it had all been done before.

I wanted new territory - I wanted my own world. So I started with a map. The world of Myrrah felt immediately Mediterranean to me. But that is partially because the other inspiration I had for this story was a large oceanic painting that hung in my office! Pondering what it would like to be there wrapped into the novel in my head and Born of Water resulted.

It is a story with strong characters set against a world peopled by unique races and cultures. Yes, I stayed away from elves because I wanted something without the expectations having elves in my story immediately brings. So I have the Kith: soul bound to trees at birth. And the Ashanti: desert wanderers with vast gifts balanced by a terrible secret. And others too, because one of the things that fascinates me about our world is the variety of people and cultures. So of course I would include that in my writing! Leaving home and making an arduous journey of hundreds shouldn't wind up feeling like you rode to the next town over.

And the story also begins with a bit of a mystery. There are four elements, but there is also a fifth power, and to control it is to be condemned to death by the ruling Orders of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Saving the life of Ria means finding the answer to what truly is this fifth power and if it is so different from the other elemental gifts.

There is so much more too. I worked very hard to create a fresh take on a very old genre. Even what abilities an elemental controls may surprise you. So if you are fascinated with new people and place, unique magic abilities - or old ones with a new twist, and characters you wish you could meet, then try Born of Water. And best of all - you get to try it for FREE.

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