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Book: Energy Healing Made Simple (The OM Kitty Series Book 1) by Sarah Saint-Laurent

Book: Energy Healing Made Simple (The OM Kitty Series Book 1) by Sarah Saint-Laurent

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Sarah Saint-Laurent

Author Sarah Saint-Laurentabout this book: "What's That You Say? Energy Healing May Cause Miracles?... I don't Believe It!"

Wanting to leap into bliss and follow your instinct is often thwarted because so many of us care far too much about the opinions of others.

That includes times when we feel an urge to experience and learn deep spiritual practices. Often we're just too afraid people might think we are 'bonkers.' I know because not only was that my story but it is the story of many of my private coaching clients.

And let's face it; the majority of people simply don't understand the science behind the Spiritual Practice of Energy Healing. Many also perceive Energy Healing as being contrary to a particular religious belief. Energy Healing has nothing to do with religion and is in no way contraindicative to any faith practice.

I knew I had to share the art of emotional and physical healing, the joy of truly thriving and the empowerment of living in personal integrity with more than simply my personal clientele. However, it was incredibly important that I share it in a humorous, non-threatening and non-judgmental way so that even the most skeptical 'nay-sayer' might see that Energy Healing may cause miracles.

Inasmuch, the wise and witty, sassy and irreverent sage and mystic OM Kitty, has stepped up to the plate to share ancient wisdom and deep spiritual techniques that can be learned in a fast and simple way. In fact, OM Kitty teaches this healing journey in as little as 10 minutes a day for 8 short days. This is Book One in the OM Kitty Series for Spiritual Awakening With a Twist.

Winner of 4 Amazon Best Seller Banners and 43 5-Star Reviews in less than 4 weeks, it is easy to see that OM Kitty has touched a 'Chord of connection' with readers. Why don't you find out what all the fuss is about and welcome OM Kitty into your life too?

Here's what just a few readers have shared about their experience.

• "Dearest Om Kitty - Do I know you? Have we met? Your past life of self-doubt, and feelings of being rejected if you allow your true self to shine, speak to my heart. Oh wait, you and I are one and the same - we are connected by the loving energies of the Universe. We are a part of each other! …"

• "What a delightful way to cover what has been considered a bit of an 'out there' topic that people assume only hippies and freaks are interested in. The author obviously isn't a hippy…have you seen her photo? She looks like she's belongs on some classy magazine cover. She also writes with great heart and wisdom and does this through the voice of a kitty…but not just any Kitty, this is Om Kitty…"

• "OM Kitty is a treasured gift! A step-by-step, guided journey for both beginners and experts, Sarah and OM Kitty navigate energy healing with ease and insight! Compassion, humor, insight, and intelligence... author Sarah Saint Laurent has gracefully woven them all together in the most meaningful of ways. She welcomes people from all walks of life, wherever they are in their spiritual journey with "OM Kitty!" I loved it! ..."

• "…I love the witty way OM Kitty speaks her truth. Kudos to Sarah Saint -Laurent and OM Kitty for coming into my life during major upheavals, health issues, and severe anxiety. After reading this book, I realize, I need Chakra healing and to stand in my own truth. I love the fact that OM Kitty is not intimidating. Thank you for reminding me that my healing and life matter."

• "I love Om Kitty! This book is hilarious, beautifully written and offers great insight into healing and the reasons why we listen to our inner critic and stay in our comfort zones. As someone with a young baby and not much time, the short exercises are perfect and after adapting into my life for just a few days I can already feel a difference! An excellent book!"

• "… What I enjoyed most about the book is the set of intentions she offers and suggests before doing this work. This stating of intentions reminded me somehow of magical spells, and I think that somehow, that's where the real magic in living comes from, in the setting and stating of our deepest intentions, and I'm grateful to her for reminding me of that. I look forward to seeing how the rest of the series progresses!"

• "This is an absolutely charming book that gently guides you through the elements of healing work. I found myself nodding along to the author's words and finding true relief for the first time in many ways. If you are even the slightest bit curious about energy healing or simply want to feel better, give OM Kitty your full attention for eight days and see what happens…"

Welcome to the World of OM Kitty and Spiritual Awakening with a Twist. I truly hope you will join us on the Energy Healing Made Simple – 8-Day Chakra Activation Journey. Also, please note there is a special gift available when the book is downloaded. Be sure to grab your Free OM Kitty's Awesome Kit-and-Caboodles Bonus Gift Package.

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