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Book: Revealing Eden - Save the Pearls Part One by Victoria Foyt

Book Reviews: Revealing Eden - Save the Pearls Part One by Victoria Foyt

categories: Book, Burning World, Post-Apocalyptic, Underground World, Dark Fantasy, Biological Experiment, Young Adult, Dystopian Future


Victoria Foyt

Author Victoria Foytabout this book: In a dystopian future, where Earth is overheated and people are forced to live underground in tunnels, darker skinned people, or 'Coals', are now the ruling class. Now Eden Newman, a light skinned girl who's racially slurred as a 'Pearl', must mate before her 18th birthday or be cut off from her supply of resources. But how in the world will she find a Coal to settle for someone with such ugly white skin?

As if that wasn't bad enough, she unwittingly disturbs one of her father's biological experiments that was meant to increase humans adaptability to direct sunlight by mixing human DNA with three different animals. As a result, she is cast out into the last patch of rain forest on Earth to survive with the help of a new species of man!

Will she learn to trust the person she hates most and give into her secret attraction to him, or will she push him away and suffer whatever fate she is left to out in the wilderness?

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 Revealing Eden Made Me a Believer of YA Books

Save the Pearls, Revealing Eden made me a believer in YA Dystopian books. I was sceptical, but once I opened the book, I couldn't put it down. There is no other book out there like this. The story is so thought-provoking and unique. It tackles oodles of topics: environment, beauty, drug dependance, technology, self-reliance, just to name a few.

Foyt takes readers on an all-encompassing, full-circle adventure in her second young-adult novel. In a treacherously racist, post-apocalyptic world, Eden Newman--an almost-eighteen-year-old "Pearl", will die if she doesn't find a mate by the time of her birthday, in six months. But when a series of unexpected events take place, Eden's plans for securing a mate are turned upside down as she is propelled into an unknown world. A world she's only seen computer-generated images of: the Amazon, what little is left of it, anyway. There, in the thick of the jungle with wild animals and indigenous people, and without her Life Band--a technological device that acts as an all-knowing inner voice, Eden is forced to face her inner demons. If she is to be with the man, or creature, she loves, she must let go of everything she's ever known, including her self-made-up inadequacies, and redefine what it means to be human.

It's extraordinary that a YA book can tackle such massive questions. I was hoping to escape my responsibility-ridden-adult-life by reading this book, but it only made me think more about it, AND IN A GOOD WAY! I highly recommend this book to people of all ages. [by helen estrada]

 Revealing Eden is the Must-Read of All Dystopian Novels

Dystopian novels are my thing, but Revealing Eden goes to a whole other level. Author Victoria Foyt is a master, and this is one of the most unique concepts I've ever read. Save the Pearls Part One- Revealing Eden is different than other post apocalyptic novels in that it that tackles important themes like racism, our perception of beauty and self-acceptance. In addition, it gives us an scary idea of what our world could become if our environment keeps deteriorating.

The book is an absolute page turner and has a very unique, well-thought out plot and setting—Revealing Eden takes place in a post-apocalyptic where society is thrown for a loop after a "Great Meltdown" occurs, obliterating those who lack the melanin that protects them from deadly radiation from the overheated sun. Those with pale skin, called Pearls, find themselves at the bottom of the class system, considered weak, lowly and ugly, while those with darker skin, called "Coals," are the superior genetic species, of the highest class and considered the most attractive. It's a great spin on the racial stereotypes of today. To add to the plight of the Pearls, females must mate by their 18th birthday and males by their 24th. As the protagonist, Eden Newman, will soon turn 18, she finds herself on a desperate quest to find a mate so she can survive.

I loved the character development of Eden throughout the book—she grew up and began to accept herself as the story progressed. There is also amazing romantic tension throughout, culminating in the perfect romantic ending—but I won't say with who. What I will say is that the book takes you on a ride with Eden through an amazing adventure and quest to survive.

What is really great about this book is that it will enlighten readers of YA books about the issues it addresses, but while entertaining them the entire way. It's like a message in disguise! Plus, it brilliantly combines some of the best genres—it's one of the best end of the world books, blended with sci-fi, adventure romance, fantasy, and dystopia. This book is definitely a must read! [by Mette]

 This Book was Fantastic

I cannot even tell you how much I loved this book. It was so original, so new, and fresh. I loved it. It begins in a post-apocalyptic world where people are forced to live underground because the world has become overheated. People are discriminated against for being too light skinned in this new world. They are called pearls. And if they do not find a mate by age 18, they are sent outside to die in the heat. This book is full of drama, romance, mystery, intrigue, thrills and chills. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Very good book! [by mistee dawn]

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Video 1: Save the Pearls: Help Eden Newman find a mate or seal her fate!
Video 2: Save the Pearls: Eden Newman meets with an Ethics Officer

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