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Book: The AL-EX Project (ALternative EXistence) by C.M. Donaldson

Book: The AL-EX Project (ALternative EXistence) by C.M. Donaldson

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C.M. Donaldson

about this book: ABOUT THE BOOK:
The AL-EX Project (ALternative EXistence) Testing the limits of dream control is an adventure of sorts. It's a foray into unknown territory, exploring age-old theories in an attempt to more-accurately interpret dreams.

Alex, the main character, has suffered nightmares ever since his parents died in a freak accident when he was 11. He since then lived with his beloved grandmother, and now as an adult and fully qualified as a researcher, he and his mentor, The Scientist, experiment by fair means or foul, through the dream state with Alex as a willing subject. Not only can they monitor his dreams but they manage, via advanced technology, to record them and play them back. One character appears again and again in Alex's dreams and Alex means to find out why.

They are delving into the unknown and very possibly heading down the slippery slope to a calamity, but desperate to continue pushing the unethical boundaries to explore this other realm, is Alex exposing himself to something deep, dark and dangerous?

I've always had an interest in dreams, in particular the more vivid ones. I, along with many others I'm sure, am repeatedly frustrated when I awake from a particularly fascinating dream, only to remember the tail-end of it before it fades from memory all too quickly. To this end I learned to write down my dreams and I have visited the same dream more than once.

I included some of these past dreams in the story-telling that made writing this novel a lot of fun as dreams can be weird, nonsensical, fantastic, over-the-top and, to all intents and purposes, completely bizarre, mysterious, and inexplicable.

I have fortunately never suffered from nightmares but Alex has and it is his belief that the answer to his nightmares can be found in the dream state.

The AL-EX Project came to me first just as a title that didn't really make much sense until I realised that the 'AL' indicated 'alternative' and the 'EX' indicated 'existence'. Then it all started to fall into place with a main character, Alex who, because of his researcher background, developed the project from the initials of his own name, and then the whole story about dream exploration just flowed. I started it at Christmas and through many a long night typing into the wee hours, I finished it in March.

I was 18 chapters in before I decided to do a little research and I'm pleased I did because there were some aspects of exploration and manipulation of the dreams that might ring true but were not strictly accurate. And there was some quite valuable information surrounding dream research such as Carl Jung being known as The Dream Researcher and Sigmund Freud having written a book on dreams. Even going back as far as Aristotle's theories on dream interpretation. It was all so very fascinating, and absolutely had to be woven into the story somehow. I also needed to know if my experimental 'ideas' pertinent to the overall tale were do-able.

And because of the fun-factor involved, I dubbed it "Science Fiction in its lightest form", indicating that this wasn't the usual end-of-days, alien-invasion, time-travel type of hard-core sci-fi and more conducive to those who preferred a cosy read and a surprise ending.

The feedback so far is good with comments like:

"If you have ever been curious about the power of the subconscious mind, how it works and how it plays a part in our dreams, this is the book for you".

"A fantastic read especially if you ever wonder about your dreams ...very well researched, and loved the Author's comical additions".

"The symbolic clues lie within the long hours in a lab while Alex is asleep and dreaming, hooked up to probes while the Scientist is able to record the dream on a monitor. Fascinating!".

"CM Donaldson writes in conversational British speak, which is appealing and sincere. Before the 5th chapter you are in the story without realizing it is fiction. But it is science fiction with a soft sense of reality".

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