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Book: Anna's Two Angels by Jill Biller

Book Review: Anna's Two Angels by Jill Biller

categories: Book, Love, 1950s, Bullying, Korean War, Loss, Happiness, Funny, Death, Sadness, Marriage, Baby, Drama


Jill Biller

Author Jill Billerabout this book: This book is about a young woman growing up in the 50's in a small town in Iowa. It is a love story but also has a lot of drama and true life events that come along with teenage drama. The main character is Anna and you follow her life starting as a high school teenager through her early twenties. The book will make you laugh, cry and keep you guessing. It covers everything from bullying to living through a war.

There is a great example of school bullying in this book and what the outcome could be when someone is picked on. Parents should read this part to their school aged children so it can be stopped before starting. This happens all too often.

This book is mainly for women but many men would enjoy it as well. I would suggest it for people over the age of sixteen and for anyone wanting to start their own business.


I have been writing short stories from the time I was ten years old. My parents always loved reading them and always encouraged me to write when I got older. I often thought about writing a book but with two kids and working full time just really never had a chance. Once the kids grew up and I was on disability from work I decided it was time. Some of the books ideas came from real life experiences but most were fiction. I sat and wrote a chapter per night and at the end of each chapter I called my folks in Florida and read them a chapter. They loved the book and every night complained that I was leaving them hanging until the next evening because the chapters always ended with something exciting.

It took me about a month to finish my story. I did a lot of research on the internet of life growing up in the 50's and part of my book included life in the 30's so I had to do some research of clothing type then as well.

I came up with the title because of the loss of two of the main character's loved ones. I don't want to give it away so that is all I will say. I found the cover of my story on the internet and fell in love with the angel.

I really don't think I had any hard times writing the book. I never got stuck it just seemed like the ideas were all their in my mind and I just typed away. The hardest part was my grammar and use of sentence structure. I had four people proof read it and after I self published it found that there are still many errors so it really needs to be cleaned up.

I learned that writing truly is something I love to do. I would like to make a sequel of this book of the next generation and then maybe even the next generation to show how life has changed from then to now.

I would like to tell my readers that this book will hold their interest from beginning to end. It will keep you on the edge or your seat at times but it is also very easy to believe what is happening because things like this happened everyday. There was bullying back then just as there is now and I believe there always will be. Maybe some of the readers can teach their children what can happen when someone is bullied. I know you will enjoy this book.

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 Great Story

Does need some editing and there are some areas that the writer needs to polish but the story is fantastic. It held my interest as promised and I actually read the book in 2 days. Very exciting, well written, true to life. I could really relate.

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