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Book: The Society On Da Run - Dragons and Cicadas (Short Story Collection) by L'Poni Baldwin

Book: The Society On Da Run - Dragons and Cicadas (Short Story Collection) by L'Poni Baldwin

categories: Book, Science Fiction, Romance, Space Dragons, Fantasy, Cicadas, Poetry, Gay, Horror, Short Stories, Anime, Manga, Dragons


L'Poni Baldwin

about this book: Dragons and Cicadas is a book of over 300 poems and stories taking place in the universe. Space dragons and Crotonians inhabit the earth, as well as dozens of other aliens. Humanity is caught in the middle of the daily squabbles that take place between these races. The primary reading target is the Young Adult category. I want to provide the best uncliche stories for the YA genre. Adults can also read this and (hopefully) dissect some of the undertones and make your own theories and assumptions about the characters. I've been writing this book for years (I lost count of how long so I guess since age 10. Couldn't been before that) and inspiration comes from everywhere. The book is 283,000 words and there is author commentary at the end of some of the stories, so you'll know the inspiration and what led me to write it. The biggest inspiration for TSODR is anime and manga. If it weren't for anime (Rozen Maiden, Code Geass, Gunslinger Girl, etc) TSODR would not be the creative world it is today. Also, the music of Japanese artists like Rekka Katakiri, Haruka Shimotsuki and ALI PROJECT played major roles in inspiration. Why? Their songs are the soundtrack to TSODR's madness. Every night, I'd grab my Amazing Pokemon Guide Book and my mp3 player and listen to those wonderful women sing as I visualize the next adventure in TSODR as a movie in my head (with the characters on the Pokemon book being the actors. It's hard to explain).

The title, The Society On Da Run, is a mashup of two other titles I had: The Society and another one called On Da Run. I mashed them together! The second title, Dragons & Cicadas, is a result of my two favorite animals: Dragons and Cicadas.

The hardest part of writing it over the years was reading over the stories and revising them. It was more fun than hard. I did a lot of research on Italy, it's current political situation (thanks to Gunslinger Girl) and I also did research on the medieval era and 15th-17th century. I observed other dragon authors, examining their weaknesses and strengths by reading reviews people left on their books. The cover art (the one with the dragon on the blue background) is something I am proud of. I got the background from Fotolia and drew the dragon myself. I do plan on changing the cover for the 12-12-12 edition in attempt to reach out to non Fantasy/Sci Fi readers.

I hope that when you read the book you will understand that Dragons & Cicadas is NOT a novel and that you shouldn't expect it to read like one. I really want you to find some stories you can enjoy and relate to. I learned so much from crafting this series. I have learned that good characters make the story, the aliens should be non cliche (differ from standard aliens), the world should be "real" and Fantasy. I learned so much!

My biggest wish is seeing fan fiction and fan art of my characters. I check the web everyday in hopes of finding a fan story or fan art of my characters. Yes, my book is short stories and poems, but that does not mean you can't write in it. I made the TSODR universe as my childhood escape and I hope teens and adults alike will contribute to the fan lore. Fan songs, fan videos, fan stories, fan comics (Doujinshi), fan games, fan fiction...I encourage it all! (only if you make no money off it). I really hope you love the book. Read it slowly and remember: it is updated on the 15th of every month! It's a new experimental genre that I created for short story collections: the Subscription Book! Subscribe to my blog, Dragon Short Stories, to know when each update is finished. TSODR is forever growing!

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