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Book: The high road has less traffic - honest advice on the path through love and divorce by Monique A. Honaman

Book: The high road has less traffic - honest advice on the path through love and divorce by Monique A. Honaman

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Monique Honaman

Author Monique Honamanabout this book: I never thought I would be the 40-year-old, divorcee! Ever!

Then, life happened.

By now you have probably figured out that I wrote this book based on my personal experience going through a divorce. In other words: been there, done that.

I love to read and looked for books that would help me understand, deal with, and survive my situation. I could never quite find the book I was seeking. I wanted that "girlfriend" - the one who was going to be honest and blunt, faithful and funny, sarcastic and heart-felt. I decided to write this book to share my story, provide some hope and inspiration, and be that empathetic girlfriend. My goal is that this book serves this purpose and provides valuable wisdom, hugs, humor and inspiration that get you through divorce. The high road truly does have less traffic!

Why did I write this book?

It's simple, really. At every decision point that life presents us with as human beings, each of us must make a very deliberate choice on how we should proceed. The decision we make ultimately defines who we are as people and as members of society. We can go negative, wallowing in a swamp of despair and dejection, and become emotionally paralyzed in a state of low-level thinking and anxiety. Or we can raise our sights and our outlook, keep our wits about us, optimize our potential, and follow a more inspired, self-affirming path. Ashley Montagu, the anthropologist, said that "Intelligence is the ability to make a successful response to a situation." Taking the high road in life is both an intelligent and a successful response.

On a personal level, I was forced to make a similar choice myself when I experienced a relationship implosion of my own, and suddenly found myself staring down the face of divorce. I quickly came to realize the kind of pain and destruction that divorce can inflict on others, especially on children. I decided that I would take my experience and turn it around to help other women who were in the same situation. I began to counsel women facing relationship troubles and divorce, and before I knew it I was fielding calls and emails weekly from women who were friends, or friends of friends, or friends of acquaintances. I found that there were certain pieces of advice that resonated with my newfound circle of friends. I decided to package my experiences and insights into a book that summed up my personal philosophy: that the high road has less traffic, less breakdowns, and more room to accelerate toward your destination. Given a choice, the high road is the best path to take in life, especially when dealing with marriage and family!

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