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Book: From Divorce To Destiny - Discovering the Biblical Truth Concerning When Divorce is Necessary by Amanda Nicole

Book: From Divorce To Destiny - Discovering the Biblical Truth Concerning When Divorce is Necessary by Amanda Nicole

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Amanda Nicole

Author Amanda Nicoleabout this book: The purpose of this particular book is to dispel the myths that are associated with divorce and the Bible. I've seen so many people stay stuck and miserable inside of a failing marriage, feeling like it is their duty as a Christian or as a parent to stick it out. I want people to realize God's true heart for them, in combination with His commands on marriage and divorce.

I think the biggest misconception is a wrong view of marriage. People don't really understand what marriage is in God's eyes. He is the creator of marriage, so He is the only officiator with the authority to grant permission for the marriage to occur. Divorce becomes an option when you were never really married in God's eyes, because He didn't officiate, or grant permission for the union. I believe that there are a lot more marriages that fall under that heading than we want to believe.

I was inspired to write the book by my own experience, and the experiences of others. I lived this book, so I know what it's like to agonize over the decision to get a divorce and to reach out for answers only to find judgement. I had to ask God for myself to get answers. I encourage others to do the same and not to take my book as law, but we are helpers of one another, so I want to help others in any way that I can as they navigate this difficult subject.

Anyone who is miserable in their marriage, or who has gotten divorced and is now being wracked with guilt as a result of it, is an excellent candidate for this book. Truth has such an amazing power to free people, and that is what my prayer is that my readers will experience.

It took me about eight months to write the book. I came up with both the title and the cover because they described my personal experience. The transformation that occurred in my life was dramatic. It immediately illustrated that I was in disobedience in my marriage, but now that I'd undone my mistake, I was on my way to experiencing all that God has for me in my life. My life represents the journey from divorce to destiny and the cover represents the change for the better.

The hardest part of writing the book was constantly dealing with the torment for Satan of what people were going to think. I realize that my stance on divorce isn't the same as the stance of most preachers or churches. So that made writing the book difficult because I must have asked God 1,000 times if I was writing the right thing. And even after He assured me that I was, the torment continued throughout writing the entire book, so that was difficult.

The research that I did for the book, I actually didn't do for the book, I did it for myself because I needed the answer that the book would eventually provide. I read some books, researched online, watched some teaching videos on YouTube, and of course searched the scriptures. However, most of the research was done in prayer.

From writing this book, I learned so much more about marriage and what God intended it to be. When you view of marriage is skewed when you get married, you have a very low probability of marring the person that God would approve of. I explore marriage deeper in my upcoming book that will act as a follow up to this book.

Concerning From "Divorce to Destiny," I am not pro-divorce, I am pro hearing God concerning your choice of mate before you get married in the first place. However, if you a hard head like me and you didn't do that, then I do believe that there are times when divorce is necessary, for that reason. I hope that reading the book will give you clarity about what to do in your specific situation.

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