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Book: Becoming the Performer Disney is Looking For by Jordan Fraser

Book: Becoming the Performer Disney is Looking For by Jordan Fraser

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Jordan Fraser

Author Jordan Fraserabout this book: This book is about my time spent as a performer working at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida and the lessons I learned living and working there. I believe these lessons could be invaluable for all of those curious about working for, or even visiting Disney.

I was partially inspired by that fact that there aren't a lot of places to find helpful information for performers, and that when I told my stories about things that happened while I was there, people could relate to them and could be inspired even those working in very different lines of work.

I had the cover drawn of me with Disney's "Wreck it Ralph" because that movie released while I was working there and my part in it's launch in the parks was a big personal accomplishment for me.

I think you may be inspired by the book if you love Disney, if you wanna work there, or if your curious about what happens there. It's a fun read with lots of stories and things that everyone can relate to.

Here is a tiny segment of a paragraph, that may hopefully give you a small idea about the feel of the book. Enjoy.

"There are a great many street performers throughout Disney parks and resorts, never allowing a second for you to entertain boredom. Even many restaurants in both the parks and resorts boast performers that entertain people at their tables. First tip of the book, grumpy people and suits on business trips eat at Disney too so learn early on how to spot them and move on! Nothing takes the shine off your shift like having your first show of the day spoiled by a business couple you cheesed off during their protein loaded pre-meeting hangover-cure breakfast at 6am.

Most of our guests are happy, I mean its pretty difficult not to be at the happiest place on Earth, but people still manage to be grumpy and you've got to learn as early on as you can to make your piece with that. I began the year being perfectly fine entertaining grumpy people close up and simply focusing on the happy ones and allowing the grumpy to move on. It was only later in the year that they started to bother me, causing me to focus more on them to try and change their mood only to have them leave early making me feel like I've wasted my time and the time of the happy people.

Performing on the street is hard, hot and tiring work. Depending on what your wearing and the nature of your routine some days can be brutal. I'm sure I'm preaching to the converted when I stress the importance of water and hydrating fluids like Powerade. One fluid I can't demote enough is coffee, actually let me add poisonous energy drinks to that.

Both of those are dehydrating, which is the last thing your body needs help with. It gives you a quick boost, which you pay for later through the low in trying to sustain your show until the end, and as we all know a show is only as good as its end."

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