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Book: Under the Black Clouds by Suren Hakobyan

Book: Under the Black Clouds by Suren Hakobyan

categories: Book, Flood, Hope, Evil, God, Darkness, Water, Fighting, Survival, Dark Fantasy

Suren Hakobyan

Author Suren Hakobyanabout this book: This is a fantasy story about Second Flood. Everything happens so fast and so obscure that nobody notices the evil growing in the rainwater. Only the hero of the book-Daniel realises that. To save his beloved Milena he has to struggle against the evilness in darkness and in water even if hope has gone.

• What inspired you to write this book?
I'm a fantasy writer and I always imagine fantasy stories. My first book "The Godless" also fantasy story about a young man finding himself in the middle of the angels' and demons' war. But I think everybody reading this book should understand man is the part of nature and he shouldn't destroy everything around-this is the main aim.

• Who are the primary readers of your book?
Of course, the primary readers should be fantasy and mystery fans- dark fantasy, urban fantasy. Maybe the fans of thriller.

• How long did it take to write it?
It took me about a month, but then I had to work to correct mistakes. problems with the characters. Then I gave it to editor. I can say it took me about a year writing it.

• How did you come up with the title?
To find the title is the most difficult part for me for every my book. But as in my story the sun is hidden behind the clouds I thought to give the story this title "Under the Black Clouds".

• Why did you choose this cover?
I had a lot of ideas about the cover. But this one was the most I liked. As Daniel-the main hero-looks through the window at the rain a lot of time and thinks, seeks for an answers and salvation.

• What was the hardest part of writing your book?
The hardest part was the situation when Daniel had to struggle against his best friend-Edward. It's really touchingly.

• Did you do research for your book? What did that involve?
Yes, I did some researches. I read the Bible once again-the part about Noah more careful.

• Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
Even when you're writing you learn a lot. You should keep it in your mind. What I want to tell my readers I told myself once again.

• What do you want to say to your readers?
First of all I hope they will like my book-the work I've done during a year.

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