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Book: Cyberdawn - Beginnings by Mark Anthony Tierno

Book: Cyberdawn - Beginnings by Mark Anthony Tierno

categories: Book, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mythology, Conspiracy, Horror, Cyberpunk


Mark Anthony Tierno

Author Mark Anthony Tiernoabout this book: I never write the pure-genre stuff; I love mixing it up. Just as my Maldene series is fantasy with some Sci-Fi elements, so now is Cyberdawn cyberpunk mixed with fantasy, a touch of horror, and a whole lot of paranoia. What I call "Biblical-level Conspiracy".

The "People" are the sum total of all creatures that we know of as mythological, fantastic, and fantasy; all of them in on the same conspiracy, one that was thwarted once 10,000 years ago, but now they have returned. They are everywhere in our perfect society, and as the Earth moves towards complete worldwide disarmament they can only but cheer. For what we view of as peace, they and their Masters view as the fattening of the calf.

No one even knows of their existence, save perhaps a few people living on the streets, and no one will believe them and their fantastic stories. No one until Black Jack Hannigan stumbled face-first into the incredible and hideous reality and discovers not only the reality of such creatures as winged tigers, werewolves, and vampires, but how much of society's minds they already control. On his run to escape, he will quickly encounter others who have likewise stumbled into the dark shadows of our world; Agent Black, corporate assassin Anya Petrova, Dr. Rebecca "Ice Bitch" Winter, Arch Bishop O'Mally- perhaps the only priest remaining in the world with actual faith and power- and others.

Together they must find out more of their unseen enemy, raise the alarm, and develop the means with which to combat these creatures. A new type of technology previously resigned to comic books, but if they cannot pull this off, then the world is doomed.

There is also a deadline, for if they cannot stop the People before they have opened the Eye of The Apocalypse, then all will be for naught as the Masters come through to consume the world.

This is the story of the dawn of the Cyber Age.

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