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Book: Hermes Online (Siren Publishing Classic) by Rose Anderson

Book: Hermes Online (Siren Publishing Classic) by Rose Anderson

categories: Book, Erotic Romance, Love Letters, Cybering, Emotional Healing, Love Story, Cyber Sex

Rose Anderson

about this book: Hermes Online is a contemporary erotic romance with a little ancient meddling. (Psst...the Greek Gods are implied.)

Writing romance is most definitely an emotional process. When I craft a story, I draw from every aspect of my life. I think most authors do this. Having experienced heartache, I can write pain. Having experienced love and passion, I can write those too. Empathy helps. Add to that a great love of words to fill in the spaces, and before you know it you've written a book! :)

I was anxious to learn what readers thought about my break-out novel, my first erotic romance story. From what I've read, there's some confusion about that sub-genre. Erotic romance is happy ever after romance. You might say erotic romance is the happy ever after love story with a few extra exclamation points thrown in -- an enhanced conclusion for readers who've become invested in the characters and want to feel through words, the natural culmination of the love they've watched unfold. Falling in love fills our brains with such delightful happy chemicals.

Would readers see Hermes Online as it was meant to be seen and identify with my characters? I hoped they would. I wanted them to understand Vivienne's struggle under the crushing loss of her confidence. Would S be seen as a man of depth and caring as I meant him to be, or would readers just see a man who could turn a pretty phrase?

I took a chance writing my break-out novel in first person. My publisher told me readers generally don't care for it. Wow, what a way to begin a career! But I was trying to convey the process of metamorphosis. And this concept is a very personal thing. You might say I was creating a butterfly from the inside out. How else could it be done without being inside the mind of Vivienne and seeing the world through her haze of aching emotions? On the other end of things, I left S out of it. Readers don't hear his inner dialogue. They could only come to know him through his own words and Vivienne's interpretation of them. Her eventual emergence from the dull chrysalis she had wrapped herself in was the point. And he saw the truth of it. He understood her drab and desperate attempt not to be hurt again.

From the very beginning my writing style has been called "a throwback to old style romanticism". That came from my first ever review and what a great statement to start on because I adore the old style hero woos heroine romance. I thoroughly enjoy seduction and love the slow surrender to it. But more than that, I love a good head trip. I enjoy that light bulb moment some stories give you when you suddenly say to yourself, Oh! I get it! Readers will find my books filled with these cerebral goodies – little psychological insights to what makes the characters tick, and nuance carefully laid like so many mosaic pieces. All of my books have symbolism and metaphor between the lines. I promise if you keep them to read again, each read through will uncover more. :)

A CataRomance Sensual Reads Reviewers Choice Winner for Contemporary Romance

5-Star review

• "Short and sweet, highly sensual and revelatory, you can't miss with this beautifully written story."

• "Hermes Online is a wickedly tantalizing tale that overloads your senses. When it comes to writing erotic romance, Rose Anderson knows how to encase her written words so we can practically see the story instead of just read about it."

• "I liked this story. It's a throwback to the old style romanticism. The plot twist definitely appeals to the romantic in me. It's a thoroughly sensual read and a feel-good story."

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