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Book: Ndlovu - The White Elephant by Peter Good

Book: Ndlovu - The White Elephant by Peter Good

categories: Book, Police, Detective, Africa, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, True Events, Farm Take Over, Bush War, Crime Fiction


Peter Good

Author Peter Goodabout this book: The book is set in the Country of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in the time following its Unilateral Declaration of Independence. Its about an ex African Policeman, who having retired, goes home to his area. He is a womanizer, and at a beer drink, he propositions a girl who turns him down, in a fit of rage he murders her. Then he flees, to the area that he did his police service in. There the Officer in charge of the Police Station chases him, and the murderer has to exit into a nearby country, where he is recruited as a Terrorist. After being trained he returns, with his gang. He wipes out a Police Post, and then goes on to attack a farm.

He is by now chased once again by the Officer in Charge. The officer was given a name by the local chief- NDLOVU- meaning Elephant- because like an Elephant, would not forget, and would track an offender till he caught him.

The Terrorist leader has nightmares, of being gored by an Elephant that appears White in colour, then recalls, that his pursuer, was named Elephant. So the question is, will the Terrorist succeed, or will NDLOVU the White Elephant catch him.

I was inspired to write the book, by my wife. As our children grew up they all wanted to know about my time in the Police Force in Rhodesia, and so had me telling many 'tales', and my wife suggested that I put it all down in a Book.

I would presume that the primary readers of the book, would be those who like a crime / detective novel, and those who may have lived in, or had relatives or friends who lived in Rhodesia, especially during the ' war years'. Part Two of the book highlights the Farm Take Over that is still ongoing in Zimbabwe.

The book took 3 years to write. The title was chosen on the given chiefs name to me- NDLOVU.

The cover was chosen because the forefront shows a bull Elephant (light in colour as opposed to its usual Grey) depicting the White Elephant, the background being all red, aptly depicted the bloodshed that was shed, not only by clashes with Police & Army and Air force against the Terrorists, but sadly the many atrocities that these Terrorists committed on their 'own kind' as well as local European farmers.

Having lived in Rhodesia, and taking part in events described in the book, I did not have to much research, the research I did was mainly to make sure that any mention of fauna, flora, and wild animals snakes etc., were all indeed those in the area that the book covered.

To my readers I would say, that the book, being based on true events, of course at times is Gory, but I have interwoven into it, many funny incidents, that I came across in my Police Service in Rhodesia.

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