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Book: The Ryder Quartet E-reader Boxset - Volumes 1-4 by Ian Patrick

Book Reviews: The Ryder Quartet E-reader Boxset - Volumes 1-4 by Ian Patrick

categories: Book, Hard-Boiled, Assassination, Mystery, Police Procedural, Pulp, Adventure, Thriller, Hit-Squad, Vigilante, Sunshine Noir, Action, Crime Fiction


Ian Patrick

about this boxed set: "The Ryder Quartet" comprises four independent crime thrillers linked to one another by a narrative arc that takes the detectives on a search for one central criminal. In the different volumes they encounter vicious criminals and encounter moral dilemmas as they weigh justice against retribution. The camaraderie among criminals on the one hand and cops on the other means that these books are more than police procedurals or crime fiction thrillers. They are novels that explore character and action in the context of a rapidly changing society where traditional values and attitudes to crime and justice are challenged on a daily basis.

• "Takes you to another world, where being a cop is a bit more. Great characters, interesting plots, a lively weave of story, geographic nuance and insights." (Amazon Reviewer)

• "A top notch set of four of the most enjoyable books I have read recently. Mr Patrick writes in a manner that keeps your attention, and makes you read the book from cover to cover: highly recommended." (Amazon Reviewer)

• "...this quartet of four down-and-dirty but stylish crime thrillers is refreshingly new and different ... these are, in one sense, four simple text-book police procedurals (with an impressive grasp of crime scene forensics), and in another sense they are dark and depressing noir fiction and original crime thrillers. Viewed from a third perspective, they are intelligent analyses of the morality-dilemmas underlying themes of crime and policing, justice and retribution, vengeance and reparations."

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 Four good thrillers in one

These are four well-crafted crime thrillers with subtle and accurate reflections of what is happening right now in South Africa. Well-crafted and varied (I particularly liked the subtle differences in accents - I listened to the audio version while reading). Not the bland all-purpose accent one hears so often for what is supposed to pass as Afrikaner, but very subtle inflections and different nuances. Impressive, I must say. [by Thomas, Cape Town]

 Good writing, good listening

I liked this collection. Nice writing, nice listening. Action and drama and some tender moments between characters. Makes it all most enjoyable. Different, too: bad crime, tough cops, and all in an exotic setting (very different from Albany, N.Y.) [by Hannah Turnbull]

 Compact set of 4 great thrillers

I loved these four books. The characters really grew on me and the action is so believable and true to life. Well written thrillers, showing the intricate work of police trying to deal with horrible criminals. My home town of Dallas doesn't have criminals this evil, that's for sure. Very well plotted police procedurals filled with action and humour and real life. [by Janine Blowder]

 Superb police procedural thrillers

I loved each of these four books. They are amazingly original. They are linked together and one can enjoy how they connect, but each of them is also separate and independent. I started with the last two first. Finally, two years later, I came to the end - just because of other work commitments - and now it is great to see them all collected. Very good indeed, I thought. [by Adrienne]

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