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Book: SpiritQuest 2 - Interface with Creation - Creative Words, Their Power, and Their Use by JR McElfresh

Book: SpiritQuest 2 - Interface with Creation - Creative Words, Their Power, and Their Use by JR McElfresh

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JR McElfresh

Author JR McElfreshabout this book: A question: "Why were the apostles and early believers so effective and powerful in how they lived the Gospel that they dramatically impacted (over the next three hundred years) the entire Roman Empire and it became a "Christian Nation"? The answer to this question is what they believed and that they refused to change that belief no matter how they were threatened physically. Their faith was grounded upon Jesus Christ, The Word, and the power of the words he taught. Very few in the churches of today have this kind of "nuclear powered" faith.

We must regain mountain moving faith if we are to impact the hideous evils of today's society. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the early disciples is being perverted and watered down for it to be "palatable" to today's younger generations. Most of the driving force of this movement comes from schools, churches and twisted government that teaches evolution as a scientific fact. The apostle John warned in Revelation with his letters to the churches of this insidious teaching. The churches were warned not to accept it. Those that did vanished from history. Many of today's churches that teach any form of evolution will cease to exist in fifty years.

Think about it: how many churches today teach some form of evolution and do not realize it? Creation and the fall of Adam & Eve are foundational to us as believers. Teaching evolution circumvents the fall and original sin. If our foundation as in the creation event be destroyed, how do we continue as believers? This subject and its importance to the believer of today is being ignored by most mainline churches. How long will God tolerate this?

We must return to our first love and never lose sight of it. SpiritQuest 2: Interface with Creation examines present creation and origin controversies and asks fundamental questions as to their truthfulness. God's Truth must prevail, we must uphold it for we will be accountable to God at judgment for what we believe.

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