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Book: Maggie in White (Maggie McGill Mysteries Book 7) by Sharon Burch Toner

Book: Maggie in White (Maggie McGill Mysteries Book 7) by Sharon Burch Toner

categories: Book, Blizzard, California, Mountain Lodge, World War II, Nazi Art, Artists, Food, Europe, U-Boats, Lisbon, Refugees, Cozy Mystery

Sharon Burch Toner

Author Sharon Burch Tonerabout this book: Maggie in White is the seventh book of the Maggie McGill Mysteries. Maggie McGill, a psychotherapist turned artist, and her photographer daughter, Allie, are driving from their coastal California homes to a get-away spa in the California desert. Taking a shortcut through the California mountains, they are surprised by a freak whiteout blizzard. After their car lands in a ravine they make their way through the blizzard to a remote mountain lodge where they are welcomed with kind words, dry clothing and warm food.

In July, 1942, Nils von Pfeffer, curator of art at the Jeu de Paume museum in Paris is ordered to oversee the burning of nearly five hundred works of art that the Nazis have designated as "degenerate." Although he fears for his safety, perhaps even his survival, he manages to cut thirteen works from their frames and smuggle them out. This action leads him and his beloved wife, Traude, into an adventure they never could have imagined.

Maggie and Allie discover that they have found a remote guest lodge that has only an unreliable citizens band radio for communication. Although they do not enjoy the feeling of being trapped by the weather, Maggie and Allie meet the guests and staff of the lodge, Sanctuary Inn, with interest and great gratitude. Snowbound in the luxurious lodge, they explore both the lodge and, as the blowing snow lessens, the grounds, as well. On a trip to visit beautiful horses in the stables, they discover the body of one of the inn's guests. When a second body is found the following day, any hope that the deaths are natural are dashed.

The guests and staff of Sanctuary Inn are trapped together until the authorities can find a way in. It is clear that one of them must be a murderer. But who? Waiting for the weather to allow the authorities to arrive, the guests and staff of the inn do their best to preserve evidence and their own safety. They explore who was where, when, and discover that there are nearly no alibis to be found.

Is the theft of the Nazi art in 1942 a factor in the mystery the McGill women face today? How could that possibly be so? How will Maggie and Allie be able to resolve this puzzle? Always curious, they explore the lodge and grounds and talk to each guest and staff person. In short, they use their intelligence, courage and grace to attempt to resolve the mystery. They meet a fascinating cast of characters, dogs, cats and horses in the process.

This book with its two story lines was a pleasure to write. The story of Nils von Pfeffer and his wife led them and the reader across occupied France and farther. They meet many dangers and persevere with enormous courage and good fortune.

Once again, the historical story line required a lot of research. Although the Maggie McGill mysteries are imaginary, I want the details to be as factual as possible. I learned a great deal about Lisbon, Portugal in the Second World War, which was, I understand, the primary exit site for Europeans wishing to escape the War and the Nazis.

I continue to be fascinated by the impact long ago events may have on one's life as demonstrated in this story.

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