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Book: The Unlikely Savior by T.S. Seley Elliott

Book: The Unlikely Savior by T.S. Seley Elliott

categories: Book, Air Force, Intrigue, Mystery, General Fiction, Political, Spiritual, Contemporary Fiction

T.S. Seley Elliott

Author T.S. Seley Elliottabout this book: When you read The Unlikely Savior, you will immediately enter the life and mind of Johnnie Carter…an imperfect but largely likable Air Force Sergeant whose adult life is far more sedate than her dysfunctional childhood. You will be with her every step of the way as she is suddenly and unexplainably launched into a series of events during which she saves others – their lives, their souls or simply averts sure disasters which would otherwise consume them. You will be curious and intrigued, but she will be defiant, reluctant and most importantly, completely unaware of the actual events as they happen. In every sense of the word, she is an unlikely savior, but she is, by all accounts a very real savior with each incident becoming more bizarre, but oddly connected by bigger scheme unknown to her or anyone else. Multiple subplots develop with a vast range of characters as Johnnie tries to understand her fate, the course of which sweeps from the personal lives of utter strangers to world political unrest and global warfare. Johnnie doesn't know her destiny any more than she really knows herself, but it all will be clear to you once you travel with her from Earth's most intimate troubles to its farthest atmospheric boundaries. Johnnie Carter is The Unlikely Savior; the person and the story are intense and irresistible.

• "When we meet Johnnie, everyone and everything in the book is seemingly random and disconnected. Elliott weaves each person and event together like the fabric of an elegant Oriental rug with flawless perfection as if the threads were borne with the sole purpose of fitting together for that one beautiful, unique pattern. And, with the understanding, that in life there are no coincidences." – Reader Review

I wanted to write for years…but was unable to devote the necessary time or focus as I served a rewarding 30-year military career. About halfway through that career, during a deployment, I had an idea for a novel. I imagined a tale of a very average person finding she could impact the lives of others in incredible ways and finding herself in the position to do so with no forethought or real knowledge of how; I was going to call it The Reluctant Messiah. That basic story was dormant for many years and when I set about to write after retirement, the story literally exploded in my head…although it changed course a bit. The tale changed from serious to quirky, from straightforward to mysterious with a spiritual element, and my goal was to focus mostly on characterization – as a reader, I love nothing more than relatable characters whom I feel like I know. I wanted my readers to be inside the head and heart of every person in the story…based on the reviews thus far, it appears to have worked!

• "Page after page, I FELT like I was there in the moment, EVERY MOMENT, with Johnnie and every character in the book. I could see their faces, feel their emotions, hear them breathe, and smell the dirt of the desert." – Reader Review

I love to write and frankly, penning this novel was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. From day one I felt as though I was doing what I was born to do; it opened a whole new world. There was no writer's block, no discouraging moments of self-doubt or fear. I, of course, could only dream that others would enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing…but if not, the experience in and of itself was worth every hour. All told, the story was complete in well under a year. I was still struggling regarding appropriate cover art when I sat straight up in bed at about three A.M. one morning with a clear image of my dear, late sister's first grade photo in my mind. Out of hundreds of childhood images, this was the only one I could see and I knew without a doubt it would be on my cover. We lost my sister at the age of fifty-three to cancer, but her childhood face was the perfect depiction of Johnnie Carter and the photo itself already had a compelling role in the novel. More importantly, it was a wonderful way to honor my sister.

I want readers to know that I have an enormous respect for them and their time. I try to view every word I write from the standpoint of a reader and lover of books. If you feel intimately close to the characters whether you love them or hate them, if you forget the world you live in as your mind escapes into the story in front of you…if you loved the book, but kind of wish it didn't have to end, then I've done my job.

• "This is one of the best books I have read in recent history. I experienced a whole broad spectrum of emotions in this book. Laughing one minute and close to tears the next; if you only read one book this year this should be it!" — Reader Review

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