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Book: The Seven Steps to Keyboarding for Success A Book for All Computer Users by Charlene H. Grafton

Book: The Seven Steps to Keyboarding for Success A Book for All Computer Users by Charlene H. Grafton

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Charlene H. Grafton

Author Charlene H. Graftonabout this book: This book is about the problems that exist with repetitive use of the pc computer and frequently over use as many computer users spend their day time work hours and then come home and head to their own laptop or pc for another hour or two.

While working in Worker's Compensation as a Nurse Case Manager, I managed the care of many computer users in California electronics companies and began to formulate how to effectively get these people back to work as their doctors put them out of work for 30-60 days as their hand, wrist and shoulder tendon inflammations needed the rest along with medical treatment and physical therapy.

The readers of this book are stimulated with the many options of computer workstation accessories, especially the mouse and the keypad which make use of the person's genetic component, hand and finger use at your workstation. My master's thesis was concerning hand dominance and motor learning and I used this knowledge in how this applies to computer users and how to overcome repetitive use at the computer workstation.

I researched at length about accessories and what the medical establishment was using but found nothing that really applied to IRS, bank, auditors, and other keypad workers.

First, I wrote a patent which was essentially a training program in how to spend half of your time on the computer using your left hand instead of the right hand; alternating at two hour intervals throughout the day and using 5 minute rest breaks with exercises consistent with the body parts used at the professional computer workstation. Most people in these situations are right handed but many people are either left handed or mixed handed. This is due to your motor experiences, hand writing and other usages. So, before you can learn the left handed method explained, you need to find your dominance in direction (left or right) in your method of keypad and mouse finger direction. With use of the Blau method, the user will find they are either a mirror image brain processor or a parallel image brain processor. This is because of the way the body works with the dual brain: right brain or left brain.

The title of the training program, modules and warm up and rest break exercises was When Left is Right but I wrote the hard cover book with the steps necessary to learn this patented method, The Seven Steps to Keyboarding for Success.

The hardest part of the research, writing and presentations to NIOSH, OSHA and the US Patent Office was convincing them this was a major problem with computer users. Due to my persistence, many computer makers and software engineers reconfigured their operating systems to accept the users as left sided for mouse or for the keypad, or to buy a keypad accessory with the numbers going right to left or left to right. As a result, the second ten-year study is in progress with IRS workers with various mouse accessories.

I began writing the patent in 2004 and the hard cover book published in 2010 and on the Amazon website in 2011. I also wrote a CEU program for health care professionals entitled Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in 2011. What I learned was how difficult it is to deal with the government and how to change the course of thinking of how the body works to conform with how machines are made with one thing in mind, the bias of right handed workers.

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