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Book: Renae' Jules (Rae J) Morgan? by Dee Steele

Book: Renae' Jules (Rae J) Morgan? by Dee Steele

categories: Book, Compelling, Magical, Benevolent, Humanitarian, Leadship, Admirer, Devotee, Merciful, Sympathetic, Considerate, Sensitive, Compassionate


Dee Steele

Author Dee Steeleabout this book: I've always enjoyed writing, I'm a dreamer and anyone that dreams a lot has a secret place they like to go to in their mine. When I escape to this magic place I always come out with something to write about. Back in my early years I discovered I had a gift to write and ideas came to me easily. My very first book I wrote almost thirty years ago and guess what, I still have that book sitting in my computer waiting to be let loose, along with an arsenal of poems, sonnets and short stories. Now that I've raised my family, completed my career and finding that I have a lot of time on my hands, realizing the time is right to embark on my real love and passion to write. I'm hoping to connect with other people just like me, with that being said, I'm a fictional writer I would like to introduce you to my latest book.

Renae' Jules (Rae J) Morgan? I hope the title and question mark alone will be enough to get the reader interested enough to want to know where I was going with this. Rae J is a strong character she discovered that she lived in a world most of her young life that wasn't her world and she felt that there were a secret around every corner she turned, but didn't understand how it connected to her. She ended up going through a time warp, where she will learn her true identity, her purpose in life and most of all her real love is waiting for her. Rae J soon discovered that she was the leader of a very large kingdom her family crest was that of the Griffins (winged lions). Once she embraces who she is and all the turbulence alone the way it was a wonder that she handled her new life with so much finesse. She soon learn that everything that is happening to her is part of a prophecy that she must fulfill, in the end she completes the prophecy and win the love and respect from the people of her kingdom and the gods that control her destiny.

Once I finished my first book I jumped right away on this book because the idea was so strong and for some reason I had the whole book inside me and it needed to come out. While I was putting my thoughts together one day I was looking at the history channel and they were showing a segment of mythology talking about the winged lions and that gave birth to my story. The title came to me just as easy, we live in a world where men always knew where they stood, but now that times has changed women also know what role they play in their life and they must be heard and seen. Within a year almost to the day I finished Rae J and the accomplishment that I felt when I hit the last period.

Though this book is compelling and it will command your attention I did end this book, but it depends on my followers whether or not it would lead to a sequel, which I do have an idea sitting on the back burner. I don't want to be a writer that's one dimensional that keeps going on and on with that one idea, I think if the writer got my attention it would make me want to continue to read some of the writer's other work.

Come on in let Rae J take you on a magic ride in her world!

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