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Book: B. S. Detecting - the Flip Side of Success-Possible Communicating by Mary B. Thompson

Book: B. S. Detecting - the Flip Side of Success-Possible Communicating by Mary B. Thompson

categories: Book, Self Help, Building Relationship, Encouraging, Resolving Conflict, Liars, Cheats, Self Esteem, Correcting Errors Gently, Personal Development, Group Discussion Skills, Avoiding Abuse, Avoiding Scams, Communication


Mary B. Thompson

Author Mary B. Thompsonabout this book: Mary Thompson's knowledge about how words affect thoughts, feelings, and actions, came from three sources: volunteering in national elections, writing for NYC public relations firms, then doing post grad studies in semantics at New York University. She learned a useful, easily usable nuts and bolts approach to coping with the power of words, and passed this savvy along to students she taught at The New Lincoln School, NYC, and then at S.M.U., Dallas.

She's seen the knowledge protect life savings and even a life! This book was not written, it was lived. Painful and costly lessons in such areas as Loaded Language Characters and White Space, for instance, showed the need for this knowledge. No one is born with it, and there is no WordSmart pill. Each of us has to learn for ourselves.

No glittering generalities or Whoopdedoo slogans are presented. You get a kit of dependable tools and a plain English User Manual.

Strategies and concepts are explained in a down to earth, often wise cracking way. She's on the side of readers and ordinary people, and is not afraid to take verbal pot shots at self-important windbags. She shows how high pressure sales work on you and your self-image, and gives exact directions on how to avoid being led down an expensive path.

The word patterns typical of malicious gossips, swindlers, liars, and abusers are clearly shown; these patterns will flash a huge "Detour!" sign in your mind any time you hear or read them.

On the happy side, this book points out successful word approaches to build cooperation, give encouragement, clear up misunderstandings. It helps find words to help a friend who is troubled; often, we feel we must find "magic" words that will fix a friend's problem, when what's actually needed is constructive listening, a set of proven verbal steps this book shows you.

Readers are often stunned when they think about the impact words have had on their lives. So the author presents concepts in an easygoing way, even drawing some amateur cartoons. As a teacher, she found that we absorb ideas better if we can look at them in a way that lets us laugh. A silly cartoon becomes a friend who defends us against future bad treatment!

Best of all, once you've read the verbal techniques, the harmful and the helpful, you'll find they have installed filters in your mind. Readers are amazed at how quickly they can evaluate language! Assessing whether words are harmful or healthy happens as quickly as glancing at the dials on a car's dashboard. You see at once where language rates on reasonableness, or emotionality, and what it's based on ... fact, fiction, or wildly goofy wishful thinking.

"Unless you are a hermit with zero contact with any and all humans, B.S. Detecting is an absolute 'must read'." James A. Cox, Editor in Chief, The MidWest Book Review

From readers: "This book was written for me!"
"A zillion self help books promise to be The One, but halfway through, they disappoint. But B.S.Detecting delivers!"

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