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Book: The Sanctum by Pamela King Cable

Book: The Sanctum by Pamela King Cable

categories: Book, Southern Fiction, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction, Segregation, Southern Gothic, Civil Rights, Paranormal, Super Natural, Child Abuse, Christian Fiction, Coming of Age


Pamela King Cable

Author Pamela King Cableabout this book: Racism through the eyes of a 13-year-old white girl in 1959, The Sanctum holds nothing back from the heat and intensity of bigotry in America. Neeley McPherson survives by her quick wit and the watchful eye of the elderly black man who raises her. A bridge between the real and the supernatural, the novel presents spirituality from different points of view. The Sanctum pierces the hearts of its readers with a skinny, parentless, redheaded girl who wears thick eyeglasses and Pentecostal dresses down to her Baptist ankles. 

After accidentally killing her parents at the tender age of five, Neeley is thrown into the care of her abusive grandfather, who quickly appoints his farmhand, Gideon, an elderly African-American male to care for her.

But the story breathes frost and fire as a now 13 year-old Neeley escapes with Gideon to the frozen Blue Ridge Mountains, saving them from the lash of an alcoholic grandfather and a lynching by the Ku Klux Klan. Winter's fury bears down as they find themselves lost in a blizzard, traveling on foot and arriving at a farm of sorts—a wolf sanctuary where Neeley discovers her grandfather's deception, confronts the Klan, and uncovers the shocking secrets of the family who befriends them.

The meaning of sanctuary, the healing power of second chances, and overcoming prejudice entwine, leading Neeley to tragedy once again but also granting her heart's deepest desire.


• "All my life, racism has gnawed at the center of me. It has angered me as much as legalism within the church and the unspeakable horrors I've seen and experienced as a result. Both atrocities are an all-consuming fire in my belly. They seep into every story I write."
— Pamela King Cable

• "Pamela King Cable has created an unforgettable heroine in Neeley McPherson . . . Thoroughly enjoyable book!" 
— Cassandra King Conroy, Bestselling author of Moonrise, Same Sweet Girls, and The Sunday Wife

• "This coming-of-age tale, The Sanctum, brings readers deep into the underbelly of the Carolinas, introducing us to a spunky young woman named Neeley who captures our hearts and breaks them at the same time . . . In this gothic but inspirational tale, Pamela Cable thrills readers with her tight plotline, lyrical scene descriptions, and complex character development." 
— Julie Cantrell, New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling author of the Christy Award winning novel of year, Into the Free

• "The Sanctum's mystique is evocative of The Secret Life of Bees. It's the kind of novel you will find yourself reading out loud simply to hear the cadence of language, and yet is so engrossing, you won't want to stop until you have reached the satisfying conclusion, declaring that the truth will indeed set you free." 
— Jolina Petersheim, Bestselling author of The Outcast

• "The Sanctum is a must read for people who love Southern novels. The female version of Athol Dickson, Cable's writing will truly take you to the South and allow you to experience the gritty truth that it wasn't all beautiful plantations and flowers . . ." 
— B. J. Robinson, Author of Calm Before the Storm. 

• "In her latest novel, The Sanctum, Pamela King Cable uses a wide array of brushes to paint a stunning picture of 1960 North Carolina. With imagery that wraps itself around you, characters so real you can feel their heartbeats, and a strong narrative that takes the reader from the depths of despair to breath-taking joy, The Sanctum is Southern Literature at its best." 
— Lynn Chandler Willis, Author of Unholy Covenant and The Rising

• Pamela King Cable has crafted a mystical coming of age story with The Sanctum that reminds one of Sue Monk Kidd's The Secret Life of Bees . . . Cable's Neeley also takes the reader back to Harper Lee's "Scout" in To Kill a Mockingbird. Beautiful prose dotted with colorful dialogue and panoramic scenery enrich this page-turning Southern mystery.
— Susan Cushman, Editor, A Second Blooming: Becoming the Women We Are Meant to Be; contributor to The Shoe Burnin': Stories of Southern Soul and Circling Faith: Southern Women on Spirituality.

• " ... Author Pamela King Cable so deftly weaves the mystical and her own insights into such well-drawn rural settings that the reader can again be rapt in a unique Southern setting. The author so tenderly renders her characters against the violent outcome of racism and misinterpreted Christianity that you'll want to read this book in one sitting." 
— Virginia Freedman, Teacher, Durham, NC Public Schools, Admin. Director, NC Writers' Network 2006-2011

• "Pamela King Cable draws you straight into Neeley's little girl character on page one and keeps you in her shadow throughout each and every page of The Sanctum . . . Cable paints a severe picture of deep North Carolina during the civil rights era, and once you start reading what Neeley faces, you have to keep reading until you see how she comes out on the other end, and what this harsh journey does to her in the process . . ." 
— C. Hope Clark, Author of The Carolina Slade Mystery Series, Bell Bridge Books. Editor,

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