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Book: The Catalysts by Anamika

Book: The Catalysts by Anamika

categories: Book, Spirituality, Adventure, Tragedy, Poetry, Love, Humour, Dogs, Travel, Dreams, Soul Searching, Nature, India, Coming of Age



Author Anamikaabout this book: The book is about an orphaned runaway girl in India and her journey into adulthood. She has a dream to travel far and wide. She meets significant people who befriend her gladly and who keep her afloat through traumatic times. She travels round India and then Europe and decides to study and work in London, where she enters into a ruinous relationship that echo of her childhood nightmares. She overcomes the negative power of her lover with courage and is helped by a spiritual healer and a man she deems to be her protector. She returns back to her homeland, and is inspired to write a book about her experiences. She feels she is fulfilling her destiny in doing so. She also finds true love.

You, the reader, will enjoy taking a journey with Meera, the central character. There is humour, poetry, adventure, spirituality and love in the story. You will also get an insight into life in India, the smells and sights of Bombay, how poverty and religion play a big part in peoples' lives. If you have ever dreamed and kept the fire of hope to make it come true alive, this book is for you. It can change your life. Writing it did mine.

The writing of the book was a dormant seed inside me ever since I was nineteen years old, waiting for fruition. The final nudge came from falling in love. I found a voice within that needed to come out.

Anyone from young adulthood to old age will get something out of this book. Some of it is what you and I know already but are just reminded that we know it. It will leave a feel good feeling inside you. It will make you think.

It took me two and a half years to write it, although I did use material which I had written from thirty years ago. I also kept paid employment up whilst writing the book.

The title of the book signifies elements of nature as well as significant people who Meera meets and which keep her buoyant, asking for nothing in return. Meera herself had had a beneficial influence on other peoples' lives. They were all catalysts.

My belief is that we are all part of the cosmic world and that we attract situations and create experiences because we have a lesson to learn. Even if they are painful, if we tackle them with courage, I believe we can be one with the Universe which gives us a just reward. The palm on the book cover signifies asking from the Universe and the globe is our planet and includes you and me and the rest of the world.

I did not have too many hard moments writing the book. I was driven by some force inside me and things just started to flow. When I did have the occasional writer's block, the answer came from somewhere; something someone said at the bus stop, an advertisement on the television, a random remark by some stranger. I believe that was cosmic too.

I did not need to research anything as the book has my hands-on experiences of travels in India as well as Europe.

I felt a sense of accomplishment when I completed my book. I learnt a lot about myself and in that sense it was therapeutic for me. I learnt that dreams keep our hopes and aspirations alive and thus they keep us alive. And that fulfilling a dream is possible for anyone.

I am a first time author so I would say to my readers; the beginning of the book is a bit heavy but you will see it was necessary when you finish reading it. You will, I hope, find it inspirational. There is some poetry in it for poetry lovers and the theme of spirituality runs through the book as well. I invite you to take the journey.

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