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Book: Polar City Dreaming - How Climate Change Might Usher In The Age Of Polar Cities by Stephan Malone

Book: Polar City Dreaming - How Climate Change Might Usher In The Age Of Polar Cities by Stephan Malone

categories: Book, Retreat, Extreme Weather, Future Science, Polar City, Arctic, Climate Change

Stephan Malone

Author Stephan Maloneabout this book: Polar City Dreaming is a book that attempts to peek into a future world where climate change has radically changed our living environment into a hostile and unlivable place. About 500 years from now, Polar Cities are constructed to shelter the remaining survivors of this systemic climate catastrophe. The cities are roughly built around the latitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic circles. It is here where humanity will hide until the earth reaches thermal equilibrium, a process that takes several centuries.

I wrote Polar City Dreaming across a timespan of about eight months, which included quite a bit of research to finish with some degree of accuracy. The motivation to write it was certainly there. I believe that climate change is a universal problem, not a Democratic or liberal one exclusively.

Presently, the climate change topic is generally a lost and quite hopeless battle. The weather researchers will continue to show the world alarming charts, graphs, statistics and computerized models, all foreseeing a respectively more violent world of storms and floods and droughts that we have ever seen before. Despite this, we do not have a government that is, sadly, strong enough to make the serious changes necessary to reverse the rising carbon dioxide levels, now approaching about 400 parts per million by 2015, if not sooner. More importantly, we do not have the individual willpower to let go of our power addictions, widely considered to be a birthright by most.

With that, our world will inexorably warm, deadlocked and uncompromising. With every passing day that we do little to nothing to reverse our warming world, the concept of the Polar City as a final-line retreat for humankind becomes less of an extreme and distant fantasy, and more of a reality. Slowly, as days go by and the stability of our climate deteriorates, you may very well be ancestral to a future inhabitant of a Polar City, centuries from now and thousands of miles away.

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