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Book: The Word: Today's Church Seems to be Ignoring by Matthew Scott Senge

Book: The Word: Today's Church Seems to be Ignoring by Matthew Scott Senge

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Matthew Scott Senge


Today's marshmallow fluff that some pastors pass off as "Good News" isn't good at all. As a matter of fact it's actually a bad infection and it is spreading in epidemic proportions. The "lifestyle enhancement" message that is delivered today in so many churches is - Live out your life, you deserve that new car, God WILL give it to you RIGHT NOW!! Some pastors portray God as a Santa Claus that wants to give us every thing we "think" we deserve.

Well time for a wake up call - Folks, we know that God is LOVE, if ANYONE THAT IS READING THIS questions that fact then I point you to the cross of Calvary!! JESUS endured unspeakable torture so that we may live. What we need to be reminded of is, that God is a JUST AND HOLY GOD and HE will hold us accountable for every word, deed, action and thought. YES, that means EVERY! So I have a question ... are you a FAN or a FOLLOWER of Christ! Are you one that has heard the same message and are sick and tired of the - "God loves you just pray this little pray and your in" and then not seeing anything happen in your life, not feeling any change in your heart??

Do you desire to have a personal relationship with your Creator? If so then I invite you to examine yourself right now:

Have you ever lied? If so what does that make you? Yes, it makes you a sinner but you need to go deeper...humble yourself... what does it make you? HINT - First letter L and rhymes with fire --- LIAR, correct and we know that ALL liars will have their part in the lake of Fire - so have you repented?

Have you ever stolen anything--- now remember, you just admitted to being a liar, so before you answer...really think about it because God isn't impressed with the value of something stolen, just the fact that you took something that didn't belong to you. Have you repented?

Have you used God's name in vain? - So, you've decided to take the name of the Holy Creator, the One that gave you life and everything precious to you and you have chosen to drag it through the mud.

Wow... that was tuff huh? And those are just 3 of the Ten Commandments - Imagine hearing these words on judgment day:

"Depart from me, you who practice lawlessness, I NEVER knew you"

I hope the message in this book will be THE wake up call that you have been ignoring all your life

Review from Cover of Book:

"The Message here is nothing short of Life Changing, I had never known before why what I was being "taught" wasn't really living up to "the promise." I am so grateful for the boldness and obedience and look forward to future writings" - DLynn

News FLASH!! - It takes a lot more to be a Christian then clicking a "Like Christianity" button on your Facebook page.

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