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Book: The 180 Degree Man by Harry Heydon

Book Reviews: The 180 Degree Man by Harry Heydon

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Harry Heydon

Author Harry Heydonabout this book: The 180 Degree Man is about how I changed my own life from disaster to success by applying principles The Bible Teaches. I discovered that using these principles brought a Divine Intervention and realized that whilst many people may be using these same principles, they don't really realize what they have tapped into and thus don't pass on their experience to others.

After I began teaching in Churches and Christian groups what I had learned the testimonies began to come in, ranging from people healed physically, set free from hard drugs, alcohol, witchcraft, depression - the list goes on. (Many of these testimonies are included in "The 180 Degree Man" to encourage readers) I soon realized that I needed to put all of this down in writing in a book form, and then find ways of getting this message of hope and understanding of how God's Word can change lives publiscised somehow so that more people could get helped, and more people could go out and help others too. Teaching this to groups was - and is successful - but publishing could reach so many more people.

Because The Holy Spirit did most of the writing, the entire authoring process took less than 14 days.

I decided on the Title of "The 180 Degree Man" because I believe it accurately illustrates how a persons life can rotate 180% into a new direction altogether. The cove shows a tree in a mans brain depicting the 'New Life' a person can enjoy.

Much research into Scripture and the meaning of Words was done in order to make this accurate. Even though the subject matter is pretty serious, I have put a lot of humor in "The 180 Degree Man" as I find this to be refreshing.

I believe that the vast majority of people will gain benefit and knowledge of God's Word and it's life changing capabilities. Many people will experience life change - some of them will experience outstanding results - from reading and putting into practice the simple application principles I provide.

Lest the reader think that this is a quest for self enrichment be assured that ALL royalties from "The 180 Degree Man" are paid to my Church as we have a mission to be financially independent. We already provide free one year Bible training classes, which incorporate the teachings in "The 180 Degree Man"

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 it realy helps

All that I did was practically apply what Pastor Harry wrote in this book and in so doing overcame financial lack and some other issues in my life. I still have his original A4 copy printed from a computer that Pastor Harry gave me in 2007 in Durban, and I still regularly pray the little 'power prayer' this book teaches. It works! [by Johan]

 180 degree man

This book is totally fantastic! It is life changing and very practical. You just have to apply what God's Word says and it works. No more second guessing yourself or wondering how to make things work for you. Fantastic! [by Gwen]

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