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Book: The Fifteenth Article by Linda Wood Rondeau

Book: The Fifteenth Article by Linda Wood Rondeau

categories: Book, Political, Thriller, Speculative Fiction, Christian Futuristic Fiction


Linda Wood Rondeau

Author Linda Wood Rondeauabout this book: In the latter part of the 21st century, climatic and social upheaval caused a second dark age. From the ruins, humanity built cities and formed a global government called The Accord, a democracy intended to promote human rights. Without a strong central government, The Accord collapsed, giving way to The Constitutional Government, so named for its fourteen articles of constitution. Under The Accord, those who were dissatisfied with the government could defect into the wastelands, called the outworld. Within those areas, communities arose and found a common purpose. In Western America, several communities formed an alliance called The Network, a democratic system based upon the original ideals of The Accord. Threatened by the Network's success and growing rumors of succession, Edward Rowlands, current governor of Western America province and President-elect of United Earth, has proposed a fifteenth article. If passed by Congress, this article would make defection a treasonous act, present or past, punishable by death without benefit of trial. Many segments of society believe Rowlands will take United Earth in a direction the founders of The Accord never intended—a global dictatorship. If Rowlands succeeds, civil war would be a certainty and would risk a third dark age. Who will be the voice of reason in a world gone amuck?

A wise man said that those who do not know history are bound to repeat history's worst offenses once again. Inspired by current events and the movement toward globalization, The Fifteenth Article is a vision of one probable future if the lessons of the past go unheeded.



• … a near-future of twisted morality that begins with a clutch to the throat and won't let go

• … the author has given much consideration to the present trends that threaten our societies—five stars!

• … Rondeau addresses controversial issues our world faces now and will face in the future

• … a futuristic, fast-paced tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat

• …the passions of her complex characters draw you into their intricate political intrigue until their causes become your causes.

• … a sobering look at a future every American should pray never comes to pass

• … an incredibly sophisticated thought-experiment about what our future may look like if we continue the path we currently walk

• … Get ready for an interesting, to say the least, and thrilling ride—make that read—when you pick Rondeau's latest novel!

• … chilling prophecy about today's culture

• … A wonderful cast of characters

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